Monday, December 29, 2008

A word of caution

Wonder! Why Soma-Surya levels for Tuesday are down(Surya -105 points)when Nifty is 65 points up? While posting the last message on Sunday, based on Friday figures, Nandi was confident that the Nifty would regain on Monday what had lost on Friday, because Soma-Surya levels were almost same for Friday and Monday. More over Monday's Agni level was just 8 points up from Friday closing. Hence the mentioning of opportunity to buy. Now Nandi is not so sure that Nifty will touch Sudha Daivatham (3178) before coming down. Be on guard for any fall, apply strict stop loss / trailing stop loss. And never hold longs when Nifty touches the Agni level. This is just a word of caution.


Idris said...

Dear Nandi,

Thank you for pointing out the earlier post and I understood the midpoint concept.

I have worked out the DOW Jones points based on the Carnatic music scales and would appreciate if you could review and point out it's correctness or otherwise.

14198 was the high on Oct 11,2007

Shadjam 14,198
Kakali Nishadham 13,311
Kaisiki Nishadham 12,778
Chatusruti Daivatham 11,983
Sudha Daivatham 11,358
Panchamam 10,649
Prati Madhyamam 10,095
Sudha Madhyamam 9,463
Anthara Gandharam 8,874
Gandharam 8,519
Chatusruti Rishabham 7,986
Sudha Rishabham 7,575
Shadjam 7,099

Till now the Dow Jones has touched
lows of
7773 on Oct 10,2008
7464 on Nov 20,2008 and
7392 on Nov 21,2008

will it reach 7099 ? to complete the music ?

Thank you so much

Nandi said...

Hi Idris,
Nandi had not so far tracked DOW Jones and hence unable to comment on it. Fixing the scale with the market is the most difficult part. Since music scale starts with 256 as base frequency and different markets starts with different numbers as base and in different years it cannot be generalized. Music of nature never ends or starts, it is a continuous process. And hence maximum points reached at a particular time frame may not be Shadjam.
As you also know 7099 is 50% of 14198 and 50% retracement is a major event in Eliott's Wave Theory. As market correction is not completed yet there is still possibility to reach there

Idris said...

Hi Nandi,

I was aware to some extent that this would be not so simple and since you mentioned about different markets starts with different numbers as base and in different years , this has me more interested in understanding and learning about this mystery. How can I go about gaining this information. ?

Thanks for your interest in my pursuit.

Nandi said...

Hi Idris,
Please give your email address so that Nandi can send the Excel sheet he maintains for the last two years. After creating such a track record it should be ensured that all major points as per charts & as per EWT coincides with the Shadjam or such other important levels. Then only we can confirm the correctness of fixing. For example Nifty has 6355, 4468, 4100 and 3800 levels.

Idris said...

Hi Nandi,

Here is my email

I truly appreciate your time and effort.

I'm also a Gann student and considering Gann's expansive knowledge, I'll always remain a student. :)

I have a couple of things to share with you , which I'll do over the email.

Thank you once again

Nandi said...

Hi Idris,
Glad to know that you are a Gann student. Have you gone through Nandi's posting dated August 10,2008 under the head Gann's 360 degree analysis and carnatic music scales?. If not, go through it. Gann's 360 degrees are equalant to 256 frequency numbers in music scales. If really interested you should also have to read Nandi's first five posts, where the the basic concepts are presented.