Friday, November 29, 2013

Exceptional Friday effect - Nifty closes at 6176

Today(29-11-13) being an exceptional Friday (next day of F&O settlement) Nifty opened at 6104 with a gain of 12 points, moved up to 6183 and closed at 6176 with a gain of 84 points. Nifty futures range was 6149 - 6243. As Agni level for Monday is at 6133 hold on your long, unless Nifty slides below it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nifty closes at 6189, same level as on 18th Oct 2013

Today(18-11-13) Nifty opened at 6111 with a gain of 55 points, moved up to 6197 and closed at 6189 with a gain of 133 points. Today's closing level of 6189 is same as one month back ie. 18th October, 2013, on which day Nifty closed with a gain of 143 points. Nifty futures range was 6151 - 6228.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

First green closing after Muhurat 2013

After the all time high Nifty closing at 6317 on Muhurat day trading on 3rd November 2013 Nifty declined all the seven trading days thereafter and closed at 5990 on 13th November 2013, loosing 327 points during this period. Nifty today opened at 6037 with a gain of 47 points, moved up to 6102, declined to 6042 and closed at 6056 with a gain of 66 points. Nifty futures range was 6071 - 6138.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nishagandhi flower blooms again

New visitors may please see the post dated September 28, 2013 before reading this. On 29th&30th October, 2013 twenty two buds appeared in two Nishagandhi plants in the terrace garden. A few days ago two buds fell out. 12 flowers bloomed today, a day Nifty is down by 62 points. Remaining flowers will bloom tomorrow and it is possible that Nifty's down move may continue tomorrow also.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nifty during last fortnight

Highest Nifty close so far was 6317 on 3rd November, 2013 Sunday Muhurat Trading.
Nifty close on Friday, 8th November, 2013 is 6141 (K761).
Color Code: Dark Blue: Multiple closing, Pale Blue: November, Orange: October, Turqoise: September,Lime: July, Lavender: May.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Nov 2013

As on 1st November 2013, Sun,Rahu,Saturn,& Mercury in Libra, Venus in Sagitarius, Ketu in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini, Mars in Leo and Moon in Virgo. Planetary transits in November: 16th Sun -> Scorpio, 26th Mars -> Virgo. When ever Moon passes through Rahu-Ketu on new-moon days solar eclipses occur and on full-moon days lunar eclipses. The visibility of eclipses depends on the time of occurances. On 3rd November 2013 there is a solar eclipse, but not visible in India. The congregation of planets around Rahu as seen in the chart above has caused many natural calamities like earthquake, volcano erruption, cyclone, heavy rain recently. That may continue till planets moves away from Rahu.
The planetary positions given are at the time of sunrise in India(Kerala) and conjunction effects on markets may be seen on the countries (Asia / Europe / US) over which conjunction(0°-5°)take places. As per above Nifty may move downwards on 7th and 27/28th. As Jupiter is in retrograde from 7th November 13 to 6th March 2014 the conjunctions may have adverse effects on market during this period. As begining of Jupiter retrograde coincides with Moon-Mars conjunction on 7th be cautious on that day.

"'Sell In May And Go Away' : A well-known trading adage that warns investors to sell their stock holdings in May to avoid a seasonal decline in equity markets. The "sell in May and go away" strategy is that an investor who sells his or her stock holdings in May and gets back into the equity market in November - thereby avoiding the typically volatile May-October period - would be much better off than an investor who stays in equities throughout the year." This was mentioned in Grahanila post dated 1st May 2013. But, an investor who comes back now find that market has gone up and not suitable to enter the market. This situation happened in 2007 & 2010 also. That means he/she has to come back earlier in every three years ie. when Rahu is in even number rasis like Kumbham(Aquarius), Dhanu(Sagittarus), Thulam(Libra)etc. We may get a confirmation of this in November 2016. So, there is a possibility of deep correction in early part of 2016 and a fast recovery by Diwali.