Monday, March 30, 2009

Nifty in Panchamam again

Nifty today (30th March 2009) opened 71 points down and continued to move downwards and at 3.20 p.m. it reached 147 points down. At closing it was at 2978, loosing 131 points from the last closing. As last Friday closing of Nifty at 3109 was below the Agni level of 3118 and %k of stochastic was at 96 there was high possibility for a fall as mentioned in the last post. The fall is likely to continue tomorrow also even though Mutual Funds will try to salvage as it is the last day of the current financial year.

Todays Nifty Futures High and Low was 3067 and 2971 having of difference of 96 points which is divisible by 8/16. The difference is 6 Annas.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Upward space limited

There is no change in the view expressed in the last post dated 26th March 2009. Let us see whether Nifty is able to cross Sudha Daivatham (3263)or not. As %k of slow stochastic value is at 96, upward space is very limited and possibility of downward move is more. As usual exit longs when Nifty touches Agni level (confirmation only after crossing of 8 points).

Last Friday(27th March 2009) also difference between high and low of Nifty futures rounded off to nearest rupee was divisible by 8 and 16. The figures were 3140 - 3060 = 80 which divided by 16 gives exact 5. (Divided by 8 gives 10). Feed back on this is yet to be received. May be observation is still going on.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nifty in Sudha Daivatham

After January 2009, Nifty has today moved to Sudha Daivatham band width (low:3077, Center:3178, high:3263). Sudha Daivatham is a very important turning point for Nifty as that was the Nifty maximum level reached in January 2008. Present center point of Sudha Daivatham (3178) is exactly half (50%) of the Nifty maximum of 6355 reached in January 2008. Thus, if Nifty moves up as was for the last 4 days then we may not see another bottom than the October 2008. Shadjam point in Medam/Edavam (April/May) may be 3968 instead of 1984. But, considering the General Election being held in April/May 2009 any such assumption will be premature now. But, during the last 12 sessions USA index DOW JONES has climbed from 6400 levels to 7800 levels indicating the change in the financial situations in USA. Indian market is delaying its up trend only due to the General Elections here. However, FIIS have started buying stocks for the last six sessions.

Therefore, don't expect "Exceptional Friday" effect tomorrow (27-3-09)- perhaps it may be the opposite to it as Nifty has gained continuously for the last 4 days. Trade with caution.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nifty again below Agni level.

Nifty rally dissipated at 12.00 noon around 3020 and the fall there after was very steep losing all gains of the day and closing near yesterday closing. Actually Nifty slid to 2915 and the averaging alone improved the closing to 2939. Tomorrow's (25-3-09)Agni level is at 2953 and it is above the Nifty closing today. So exit longs if Nifty does not move above 2953.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Unique upmove !!!

Nifty's up move today (23-3-09) was unique - gap up opening of 57 points and steady increase with out retrace(did not came down 16 points any time today)and close at 2940 with a gain of 133 points. Panchamam center point is 2976 which is just 36 points up from the closing level. So, next days up move may be to Sudha Daivatham level ( bottom : 3077, Centre : 3178, top : 3263). Yesterday Nandi wrote that the direction of the next move is not clear. By gap up opening above the Agni level at 2850 Nifty's intention to move up was declared. Only question left was up to which level. The highest point of 2950 reached today was beyond the expectation of many. Always remember that the market is the King. What traders can do is just move in the direction of the market by using Agni level as the pointer.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Patience is another name for courage.

Be patient. For the last three days market was asking us just that. Nifty is hovering around 2800. Whether it will cross Prati Madhyamam (2821)and move to Panchamam (2976) or slide down to Anthara Gandharam (2480) is not yet clear. At present what is known is Agni level for Monday is 2850 and as far as Nifty is below Agni level the chances are more for a down fall. Then there is a possibility of a up move in Nifty at the end of the financial year (27-31 March)as Mutual Funds artificially lift the prices of their stock holdings so that a better performance record can be presented before their customers - present and future. Nothing more to add now.

Last Friday (20-3-09) Nifty Futures performed exactly what is expected of. The high and low was 2813 and 2765 giving a difference of 48 which is exactly divisible by 8. And it was divisible by 16 also and the difference was 3 Annas. Nandi feels that it is like a journey and the journey itself is more important than the destination. Enjoy the journey.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nifty closing below Agni level

Today (17-3-09) Nifty closed at 2757 which is below the Agni level for tomorrow at 2810. If Nifty do not move above 2810, exit all longs. Today's Nifty high was 2806.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nifty Index Future follow up

Nifty Index Futures followed the character posted by Nandi(difference divisible by 8), till 3-25 p.m. today and at last closed the position with 3 points difference. The time wise position of Nifty Index Futures (rounded off to nearest Rupee) was as given below:
9.55 : 2719 - 2707
10.04 : 2731 - 2707 (Difference 24 points divisible by 8)
11.39 : 2731 - 2699 (Difference 32 points divisible by 8)
12.00 : 2731 - 2697
13.55 : 2765 - 2697
14.37 : 2777 - 2697 (Difference 80 points divisible by 8)
15.25 : 2780 - 2697

This is just for showing the method to be followed. The traders interested in this
may continue to observe and post comments after a period of time, say 2 weeks. Nandi won't be posting the daily position as done today.

As Nifty is yet to touch the Agni level, Nifty may move to Prati Madhyamam (2821) level before moving downwards.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya ( യദാ യദാ ഹി ധർമ്മസ്യ )
Glanir Bhavathi Bharatha, ( ഗ്ലാനിർഭവതി ഭാരത ! )
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya ( അഭ്യുത്ഥാനം അധർമ്മസ്യ )
Tadatmanam Srijami Aham" ( തദാത്മാനം സ്ര്ജാമ്യഹം )

World knows theses words and these are from Chapter IV of Sreemad Bhaghavad Gita.
Nandi recently came to know that the slokas of Bhaghavad Gita have been composed of group of words containing Eight letters ( in Sanskrit grammar it is called Chandassu or so). Every line above contains 8 letters. In some books above two lines are printed in one line and will have 16 letters in one line. Bhaghavad Gita contains such 701 (7+0+1=8) slokas and out of it Lord Sree Krishna's were 574 (5+7+4= 16) slokas. Nandi earlier narrated the importance of number eight by saying Ganesh Yanthra is having eight petals and Nama Shivaya Pahima contains eight letters. Two eights are 16 and one Rupee contains 16 Annas. Nandi called 16 Nifty points as one Anna. Wonder what is it all about ?

See its relation with Nifty Futures. Nandi observes that the difference between high and low of Nifty Future Index points will tend to be divisible by Eight(8). The traders doing Nifty futures may note down the high and low at the open of the day and see whether it is divisible by 8. If not, high or low will be broken and figures changed so that it will be divisible by 8. If there is excess points after breaking earlier figures it will continue to break again. Thus you know which direction it is breaking. One can confirm the trend reversal by checking whether it retraced 8/16 points or not. In some days due to lack enough time, 2 points difference may be there. After observing for the last three weeks it is seen that the intra day range varies from three and half Annas to six and half Annas. For example, on Friday the 13th March, 2009 the figures (rounded off to nearest Rupee) were as follows
9.55 : 2678 - 2650
12.30 : 2688 - 2650
14.30 : 2704 - 2650
15.20 : 2722 - 2650
16.00 : 2722 - 2650
At last difference between high and low is 72 (2722-2650) points which is divisible by 8. The variation is 72/8 = 9 ie. 4 1/2 Annas. Please watch this and offer your remarks.

Large waves lashes the coastal area

Yesterday TV channels shown the scenes of large waves lashing Sanghummukham beach in Trivandrum, Kerala. Today Mathrubhumi news paper reported that for the last three days large waves were lashing the coastal areas of Poonthura and Sanghummugham and the force of waves have been started to recede. It may be noted that TV channels and news papers have not attributed any reason for such large waves. Nandi believes that this may be due to the recent planetary movements which also caused the surge in stock markets on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Nifty surged on Friday ?

The surge of more than 100 points in Nifty on Friday was unanticipated, at Thursday EOD. As Singapore Nifty was up by more than 90 points on Friday morning a gap up of around 50 points was certain. Medias attribute it to global cues and short covering. But, Nandi believes that it may be due to conjunction of Uranus with Sun which took place in the early morning on Friday, the 13th March 2009. This piece of information was gathered late in the evening from vfmdirect forum and could not be made use of. As Nifty was above Agni level, there was no need to exit longs / calls on Thursday. But anticipating a normal Friday movement in Nifty and down ward movement any time after 15th March 2009, on Thursday itself Nandi had exited the 2700 call and moved to 2600 put. Hope it may benefit in coming days.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A remainder

15th March 2009, 14th April 2009 and 15th May 2009 are the starting days of Malayalam months of Meenam ( Pisces- the Fishes), Medam (Aries – the Ram) and Edavam (Taurus – the Bull) respectively. Malayalam month tracks the movement of the Sun through the Zodiac and the starting date of the month coincide with the entrance of the Sun to that constellation. Starting date of Malayalam month Medam is auspicious for Malayalees, especially for Malabar area and the day is celebrated as Vishu. It is believed that seeing Vishukkani will bring prosperity to the family. Seeing Vishukkani at Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple is considered as the most auspicious happening. That’s why Nandi aligned Shadjam of the music scale to that period in 2007 and by lord Nataraj’s grace it fitted well. Further, during the first week of Medam, at noon the Sun will be straight above the head and shadow will be of minimum size. After Medam, comes Edavam which means Taurus the Bull. It is observed that during this period the Sun moves to north and Nifty moves to Rishabham, which also means Bull. Thus in both Sruti (Price scale) and Laya (Time scale) “Bull” merges in our ancient systems and it is the time for the stock market to start its journey to north (Lord Shiva is also known as Vadakkumnathan - Master of the North). During the years 2003, 2005 and 2007 Nifty was in Shadjam (Nifty points 992, 1984 & 3968 respectively) during this period. This year, the counting of votes to the Lok Sabha Election will start on 16th May 2009 which exactly fits into the picture, as by that time India and the World will know who is going to rule India for the next five years. Now comes the astrological importance during Meenam (Pisces) this year; Shukran (Venus) retrogrades through Pisces which can contribute inimical effects to the stock market. Now Venus can be seen in the evening sky and by first week of April it will cross the Sun and move to other side and can be seen in the morning sky.
Now you also know why Nandi on 18th February, 2009 told that the Nifty bottom may be between 15th March to 15th May 2009 ; though election schedule was not declared at that time. As there are very few trading days left for 15th March 2009, investors and traders should be prepared for the event to avoid any losses and if possible make benefit out of it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Exceptional Friday Effect ?

Last Thursday(5-3-09) and Friday(6-3-09) were the two days that baffled almost all "karya-karana bandham"(effect-reason relationship)seekers. On Thursday Nifty closed 68 points down while DOW, Asian markets(except Hang Seng)were up and Inflation declined. On Friday Nifty moved steadily up, contrary to the expectation of many and closed with 43 points gain. Visitors to Vipani Sangeetham may be attributing the movement of Nifty on Friday to the "Exceptional Friday" effect, even though both the conditions noted by Nandi were not full filled. Nandi has to observe further to decide whether it can also be included as "Exceptional Friday". Nandi is not giving much importance to "karya-karana bandham", as many of the the natures methods are beyond the logics of human beings.

Nandi could not update "Vipani Sangeetham" for the last one week due the PC problems and he thanks all who had expressed concern for the non-maintenance of the blog.