Friday, May 29, 2009

Exceptional Friday Effect - Nifty in Chatu. Rishabham

Today(29-5-09) Nifty didn't get tired till it climbed 151 points. Opening with a gain of 53 points in the first minute, Nifty steadily gained(without declining more than 12 points - a feature not seen for the last five months)and at 14.35 reached 4488(151 points plus). After that Nifty declined up to 4436 and finally closed the day at 4449 with a gain of 112 points. As Nifty had gained substantially during this month Nandi didn't expect Exceptional Friday effect much today. {New visitors may note that "Exceptional Friday" is the Friday that comes after F&O settlement and Friday that comes after three or four days continuous decline}. But,it did effect with strength.
Today Nifty closed near centre point of Chatusruti Rishabham (Low:4348, Centre:4464, High:4611). It seems that the Nifty's upward move move may terminate in the Chatusruti Rishabham band for the time being and slide a little to regain strength. Monday's Agni level is at 4365, almost 100 points down from today's closing. Watch Agni level always for exit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up move continues

Today (28-5-09) also Nifty continued its up move up to 4355 and closed the day at 4337 with a gain of 61 points. DOW's slip or Asian markets weakness etc. did not affect Nifty's up move today as shorts were not fully covered yesterday. Even though it was a F&O settlement day volatility was completely absent.
As Soma-Surya figures worked out today on the basis of June series seems reasonable it has been given. As Nifty has moved up very much this month, Nandi is not expecting Exceptional Friday effect tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surprise recovery on global cues & short covering

Nifty today (27-5-09)opened well above the Agni level (4171)and stayed up to 2.24 p.m in the range 4190 to 4235. The said level is more than 70 points above the yesterday closing of 4117. 200 points surge in DOW (at that time itself Singapore Nifty traded at 8250)& more than 800 points gain in Hang Seng pushed Nifty up to cover all the yesterday's losses. After 2.25 p.m. Nifty broke the earlier highs and swiftly moved upwards to 4286 and closed at 4276. This last one hour up move may be due to short covering, as tomorrow is the settlement day for the current month.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nifty down to Shadjam band width

Present Shadjam bandwidth is 3790 to 4100 (Centre: 3968).On 18th May(upper circuit halt Monday), Nifty leaped over Shadjam band from 3681(Kakali Nishadam) to 4203(Sudha Rishabham) without touching it. Hence on 19th May, 2009 Nandi opined that the surge above 4100 at this time is artificial and it has to come down to 4100 levels. Today (26-5-09)at 3.00 p.m. Nifty slid to 4092(Shadjam band width) and moved up to close at 4117. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 4171. Unless Nifty moves above that level further down side can be expected.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Flat closing after range bound trading

Today(25-5-09)Nifty closed at 4237.55 as against the Friday closing of 4238.50. Today's range can be easily said as plus or minus(+ or -)35 of yesterday's as well as today's close. Exact figures were 4270 and 4205. It seems that the range bound trading may follow till the expiry of May series ie. up to 28th May, 2009.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nifty recites Thousand names of Lord Shiva ?

In the post dated 15th March, 2009 under the caption “Yadha Yadha Hi Dharmasya”
Nandi had pointed out that the difference between Nifty Future high and low will tend to be a multiple of 8 (Eight). On further observation it is found that after 17th April 2009, the days where it is a multiple of 8 is becoming rare. But, it is noted that the total difference of high and low for nearby two to four days is a multiple of 8. The table below shows the Nifty future high and low for the period from 2nd April to 20th May 2009 ,difference between, difference divided by 8 and the whole numbers added together for two to four days where it is not a divisible by 8.

Date........../High /Low /Diff/ No.of 8's/No.of 8's
.2-Apr-09/ 3243/ 3146/ 97/ 12.13/
.6-Apr-09/ 3306/ 3227/ 79/ 9.88/ 22.00
.8-Apr-09/ 3369/ 3157/ 212/ 26.50/
.9-Apr-09/ 3409/ 3309/ 100/ 12.50/ 39.00
13-Apr-09/ 3433/ 3337/ 96/ 12.00/ 12.00
15-Apr-09/ 3509/ 3325/ 184/ 23.00/ 23.00
16-Apr-09/ 3514/ 3362/ 152/ 19.00/ 19.00
17-Apr-09/ 3500/ 3355/ 145/ 18.13/
20-Apr-09/ 3443/ 3330/ 113/ 14.13/
21-Apr-09/ 3424/ 3319/ 105/ 13.13/
22-Apr-09/ 3397/ 3288/ 109/ 13.63/ 59.00
23-Apr-09/ 3447/ 3313/ 134/ 16.75/
24-Apr-09/ 3494/ 3395/ 99 /12.38/
27-Apr-09/ 3520/ 3420/ 100/ 12.50/
28-Apr-09/ 3456/ 3342/ 114/ 14.25/
29-Apr-09/ 3475/ 3386/ 89 /11.13/ 67.00
.4-May-09/ 3670/ 3605/ 65 /8.13/
.5-May-09/ 3693/ 3623/ 70 /8.75/
.6-May-09/ 3728/ 3615/ 113/ 14.13/ 31.00
.7-May-09/ 3693/ 3635/ 58 /7.25/
.8-May-09/ 3717/ 3585/ 132/ 16.50/
11-May-09/ 3658/ 3532/ 126/ 15.75/ 23.00
12-May-09/ 3703/ 3535/ 168/ 21.00/ 21.00
13-May-09/ 3723/ 3613/ 110/ 13.75/
14-May-09/ 3634/ 3550/ 84 /10.50/ 27.00
15-May-09/ 3699/ 3625/ 74 /9.25 /23.00
18-May-09/ 4418/ 4053/ 365/ 45.63/
19-May-09/ 4620/ 4187/ 433/ 54.13/
20-May-09/ 4374/ 4260/ 114/ 14.25/ 114.00
.........Total.................... 3840/ 480.00/ 480.00
(Note: sorry that Nandi is not able to post this as a table, hence this adjustment)

After observing the above fact it is felt that Nifty future may be reciting
Thousand and odd names of Lord Shiva (Shiva Sahasranama Sthothram) and after reciting a couple of names it calls a day. Shortest name of Lord Shiva is having Two (2) letters and the longest Eight (8). Examples of two letter names are Shiva, Hara, Shambu, Sthanu etc. Examples of eight letter names are SomaSuryagnilochana, Sarvalokaprajapathi, Hiranyakavajothbhjava etc. It is also noted that Shiva Sahasranama Sthothra follows the Sanskrit grammar rule for Chandassu ( eight letters in a line) and letters like Cha, Scha, Evacha, Sthadhaivacha etc are inserted to fill the gap (to make it eight letters in line) before or after the names of Lord Shiva. It may be that Nifty may not be reciting such fillers while closing the day. How ever as seen in the table the Chandassu rule is being observed. Further observations if any will be posted in due course.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Midcap and Small cap stocks surge

As expected, Nifty lost 100 points within the last two days. Today's (21-5-09)closing is at 4211 and it was 4318 on 19th. After 19th May, all the mid/small caps stocks are gaining momentum and many of them are in upper circuit. It seems mid/small caps may continue their up move even if Nifty comes down to the level of 4000-4100.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nifty closes flat after a highly volatile day

After the unprecedented surge of 651 points and historic upper circuit halt yesterday, it is quite normal that Nifty oscillated heavily today. Today (19-5-09) Nifty opened and surged to 4465 (gain 142 points)and next moment started to decline and by 10.02 a.m it reached 4168 ( loss of 155 points compared to yesterday's position and 297 points when compared to today's opening position)and that too within 7 minutes. Seen the speed at which it declined ? Then it went again up to 4509 (13.18 hrs) and declined slowly and closed at 4318, with a loss of just 5 points.
The variation in Nifty Future was even more: High - 4620 and Low - 4187. High of Nifty Mini was staggering at 4803 (Some poor short guy might have frantically grabbed it!!!)
What next? As per Nandi's view, the surge above 4100 at this time is artificial and hence it has to come down. Whether it will come down or whether FIIs will permit it to come down, let us see.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today (18-5-2009) was an unique day for the Indian market. Due to the upward circuit break, trading halted at 9.55 & 11.55. Nifty last halted at 4323 (2.00 p.m)with a gain of 651 points or 17.74%. Even though Nandi had seen downward circuit halts two or three times during the last 5 years he has not seen any upward circuit break like this. Today trading was done just for a few seconds. Volume was very very thin when compared to daily average of around 50,000 crores. Hence Nandi is not giving Soma, Surya levels as it is irrelevant. Tomorrow also we may see a surge similar to it, but with a lesser magnitude.

As said during March/April, 2009, Nifty has not only moved to Shadjam (3968) it has crossed it and moved to Sudha Rishabham(Low:4100; Centre:4232; High:4348)in the Malayalam month of Edavam (the Taurus the Bull). On first trading day of Edavam a gain of 79 points, second trading day of Edavan, a gain of 636 points. Third day's gain we will see tomorrow. New visitors may go through the posts dated 2009 March 10th and March 26th captioned "A reminder" and "Nifty in Sudha Daivatham" respectively. Thus two bulls (Sruti - Rishabham & Layam - Edavam) joined together today to create history in Indian market.Now we have moved to the scale shown in the left side of this page.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Indian voters has shown maturity by electing Indian National Congress as the largest single political party in the country (205 seats)in the 2009 Elections, Bharatheeya Janatha Party as the second largest (116 seats) and abandoning all third/fourth fronts and regional parties that has no national outlook. UPA, led by Congress Party has got 262 seats just 10 short of 272 required for a clear majority. Dr. Manmohan Singh can now easily form a stable government and pursue policies for the betterment of India with out disturbances from the left (another meaning of left is "gone" )parties. JAI HO INDIA !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Movement of Nifty will be unpredictable

Exit Poll results and Survey results on Parliament Elections held during April-May 2009 is started to coming in. Tomorrow's movement of Nifty will be unpredictable. Soma - Surya - Agni levels given are worked out from the figures of today(13-5-2009), which may not hold good tomorrow as various new information are pouring in after the trading hours. Prospects of new Government will be the key factor.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nifty again in Kakali Nishadam

Yesterday, Nandi was confused regarding the movement of Nifty. While it seemed that Nifty was heading to a low before the declaration of Election results, the Soma/Surya figures were staying almost at the same levels without showing any indication of weakness. Further, Nifty has to move to 3968(Shadjam) around these period. So, decided not to say any thing. Today(12-5-09) till 12.30 p.m. the direction was not clear. But, after 12.47 p.m. Nifty surged with high velocity and by 3.30 p.m reached 3692 (gain of 137 points), before closing at 3681 with a gain of 126 points. Today's closing is near the closing on 7th May, 2009 (3684). That means, last two trading days (Friday & Monday)losses have been fully recovered in one day's up move. As said earlier this week and next two weeks are very crucial and high volatility can be expected.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Warren Buffett- gifted market musician

The Business Line Daily dated 7th May, 2009 (Page 18)reports as below:
"When he is not attending to the business that helped him amass $40-billion fortune, Warren Buffett maintains a decade long love for the ukulele, and he wants the music playing.
To help this along, the world's second richest person has given ukuleles and a lesson on the instrument to girls at North Omaha branch of Girls Inc. Buffett spent about an hour with 13 girls at the group's building, trying to teach them the songs "Red River Valley" and "Happy Birthday". It had to be pointed out to some of the girls who Buffett was.
"After the fact, one girl came to the office and asked, "Our ukulele teacher is the second-richest man in the world?" Robert Weithelm, executive director of Girls Inc. recalled "And I said that's true. And she said, "The first-richest doesn't play?"
In fact,the first richest, Bill Gates, does play. Buffett taught him.

Note: Vipani Sangeethem has no doubt that Warren Buffett could achieve the number one position in the market (Vipani) only due to his musical(Sangeetham)prowess.

Nifty again back to Kaisiki Nishadam - Profit booking

Yesterday (8-5-09)Nifty opened mildly positive at 3711, steadily decreased and as in 6th May, came profit booking (at 12.00)which dragged Nifty to 3583. Later Nifty gained a little and closed at 3620 with a loss of 63 points. As said earlier the level 3600 acted as a strong support. Similarities can be observed for the two days mentioned above. High: 3717 & 3711 Low: 3608 & 3583 Closing: 3625 & 3620.

Note: Due to PC problems Vipani Sangeetham could not be updated for the last two days.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sell off around Soma level - Back to Kaisiki Nishadam

Today (6-5-09)Nifty opened weak and reached 3637 (loss of 25 points)in the beginning and later gained steadily up to 3717 (Soma level 3734)and at 13.52 came a huge sell off (from whom don't know)which pulled down Nifty to 3608. After that Nifty closed the day at 3625 with a loss of 37 points. As largest value put is 3600 (todays position)it may act as a strong support for the time being. As Agni level is at 3731 a buy cannot be recommended.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nifty in Kakali Nishadam bandwidhth.

Nifty today (4-5-09) opened at 3622 with a gap up of 148 points. Then it steadily moved up and closed in Kakali Nishadam band ( Low: 3646, Centre: 3720, High: 3770) at 3654. As expressed as a contra view on 14th April 2009, it is the Shadjam in New Scale (3968) that the Nifty is aimed at before the end of Malayalam month Medam ( 14th May 2009). Even though it was advised for a buy when Nifty moves above the Agni level at 3485, the buy was not possible as it opened with a huge gap up.