Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nifty closes at 6299, near all time high closing

Today(31-10-13) after touching a high of 6209 Nifty closed at 6299, just 13 points short of 5312, highest closing of Nifty ever on 5th November, 2010 in Muhurat trading. Nifty futures range was 6233 - 6303.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

How Nifty close can be mapped on Franklin sqare?

"Hara Hara Mahadev", a prayer to Lord Shiva contains eight letters. Number eight is the most important number in the number world. It is considered as a stable number and represents eight directions("asta dikh" in Sanskrit). In digital world also it has a prominent place. It is the base number in a digital display and any number can be created from 8. Eight bits forms a byte and digital space is measured by means of bytes - Kilo Bytes(KB), Mega Bytes(MB), Giga Bytes(GB)ect. American mathmatician, scientist, statesman and author Benjamin Franklin's order eight magic square contains largest number of features and can be seen here. Total of 8 numbers in this square is 260 which represents Mercury, the planet of trade and commerce. Dan Brown uses the order of arrangement of numbers in Franklin square in his novel "Lost Symbol" to unlock a secret map.

Nandi thought of stacking up eight such squares and creating a cube of 512 (ie. 8 x 8 x 8) and started to map Nifty closing on it from last "Vishu"(April 14th) and found very useful to know the exact position of Nifty with respect to its past in this area. To record this the following norms are adopted : (a) Base figure 512 and its multiples represented by A,B,C,D,.....etc. (b) Eight upward stacks represented by 0,1,2,3,.......7 (c) Remaining last two numbers as seen in the square. Thus yesterday closing figure 6145 is mapped as "L001" ( 512 x 12 + 0 x 0 + 01) and shown in bracket after swaram in the top left. In the table different colors are used for different months and here Lavender for May and Orange for October. Nifty closing at "55" (5 represents panchakshari manthra "NaMahShiVaYa") is positive for Nifty and probably a support area. 5495 on 9th April, 2013 and 5303 on 21st August, 2013 are the examples so far. Om Namah Shivaya.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nifty moves to new high for the year and retraces

Today(24-10-13) Nifty moved to 6252, new high for the year(last high was 6229 on 20-5-2013)and retraced to 6143 before closing at 6164. Nifty futures range was 6268 - 6147.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Nifty from Full Moon(Virgo) to Full Moon(Libra)

Though Nifty spot moved to 6201, daily average is 6136 and Nifty is in Panchamam(P) only. Nifty may move to all time high (6357 on 8th January,2008) & centre of D(6355) if daily average moves above 6154 next week.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adhar - technological cheating of poor

Linking "Adhar" with LPG has been introduced by the central government to avoid payment of subsidy to non-genuene LPG consumers and thereby reduce expenditure of the government. It was told that the consumers need not pay extra amount since the increase in the bill amount will be subsidised by credit to bank account. But, in effect the consumers are forced to pay an extra amount of Rs. 175.49 as shown in the table above. Verily, it is cheating by the Finance Ministry / UPA government on the pretext of implementing an advanced system. It is gathered that the gas agency delivery boys are collectig Rs.1,100/- from illiterate women folk for delivering one LPG gas cylinder. The central government should keep up their words and reduce the price of LPG cylinder or increase the subsidy amount being credited to bank accounts and monitor the activities of gas agencies. Consumers who have not linked Adhar with LPG so far may delay it as far as possible, since the LPG cylinder is available to them at the old price till it is linked with Adhar. Kerala is the first state to introduce this system. Consumers' and other public organisations of other states may take preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of the same in their states.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Oct 2013

As on 1st October 2013, The Sun in Virgo, Rahu,Saturn,Venus&Mercury in Libra, Ketu in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini, and Mars&Moon in Cancer. Planetary transits : 17th Sun -> Libra, 2nd Venus -> Scorpio, 5th Mars -> Leo, and 30th Venus -> Sagitarius.
The planetary positions given are at the time of sunrise in India(Kerala) and conjunction effects on markets may be seen on the countries (Asia / Europe / US) over which conjunction(0°-5°)take places. As per above Nifty may move downwards on 1st & 9th and upwards on 25th.