Monday, July 20, 2015

Nishagandhi at the residence of German friend

There is no logic for connecting blooming of Nishagandhi with stock market. Even then it happens. There was an interesting incident in the second week of July - Nishagandhi bloomed at Pune(India) in the residence of a german friend. Even though Nifty was up Europen markets were down on Grexit issue. So, Nandi is perflexed. Our logics does not hold good. Even then market is 50 points down today, the day of Nishagandhi blooming at Nandi's terrace garden. Om Namah Shivaya.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Jul 2015

As on 1st July 2015 Sun & Mars in Gemini, Jupiter & Venus in Cancer, Rahu in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Moon in Sagitarius, Ketu in Pisces and Mercury in Taurs. Planetary transits in July: 5th Mercury -> Gemini & Venus -> Leo, 14th Jupiter -> Leo, 17th Sun -> Cancer, 20th Mercury -> Cancer and 30th Mars -> Cancer.
The planetary positions given above are at the time of Sunrise in India(Kerala) and Moon's conjunction effect on markets may be seen in countries (Asia / Europe / US) where trading take places at the time of conjunction(0°). When the angular difference between the Moon and the planet is more than 5 degrees or conjunction occurs in Rasis(constellations) other than the Sun's Rasi, there may be a delay up to 24 hours in the conjuntion effect according to their positions (note: expect only eighty percent accuracy in assumptions based on Moon's conjunction with Mars(-), Venus(-) and Jupiter(+) as some other astro factors may also influence the market). Since Saturn is in retrograde from 12th March to 4th August the market may be highly volatile. As Venus also in retrograde from 25th July to 6th September, nifty may have tendency to move downwards in that period. As Moon conjuncts with Mars on 15th Nifty may move downwards on 15th. Though Moon conjucts with Jupiter & Venus on 19th, it's a Sunday. Today Venus conjuncts with Jupiter and it can be seen in the evening sky adjacent to each other (as shown in the chart above).

This month we are having Blue Moon (2nd Full Moon in a calendar month) and last Blue Moon was in January 2014. On that month Nifty lost 100 points on Blue Moon day and hence be cautious on Full Moon days. Further, on 14th Jupiter transits to Leo which is a fire sign. When ever Jupiter is in a fire sign rasi (once in every four years) market used to correct and be cautious for the next one year. For investors there may be a buying opportunity in the second fortnight of October 2015.