Monday, October 27, 2008

Near bottom - "no moon" effect - above Agni level

After breaking the Panchamam (old) band (2899), Nandi's downward target for Nifty was Shadjam(1984) or at least 2050 (mid point). Today (27th Oct 08) Nifty touched Chatusruti Rishabham (old) level at 2253 and bounced back to close at 2524. Tomorrow being an Amavasi(no-moon day)a trend reversal was expected and it happed today. Nandi does not think Nifty has bottomed out to day at 2253. It may be a temporary bottom for a few days and expect the breach of the same in next round. If it does not happen, well and good; Nandi does not have any dissatisfaction over it. But he observes that Nifty's up move from 2003 Shadjam at 992, 2005 Shadjam at 1984 and 2007 Shadjam at 3968 were started in the months of April-May. Hence there is ample time for a retest of the low formed today. As the Nifty closing is at 2524 it is now above the Agni level at 2472 and indicates a buy. But remember to exit all longs when ever Nifty touches Agni level again.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nifty's move predefined !!!

Nandi's first post had the assumption that the "path of Nifty is predefined and it can be predicted using some of our ancient scripts or systems". Nandi is now glad to note that Shri Chaitreya Shastriji (Nifty predictor) had predicted today's movement of Nifty perfectly and with timing of the peak point.For the last one week Nandi had been observing his views in his blog Niftypredictor(prior to that in vfmdirect forum)and found that his prediction carry conviction. So Nandi is providing a link to his blog for the benefit of visitors.
On the market Nandi is nothing more to say at present. Let Nifty complete its downward movement.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nifty moves to Panchamam in old scale

Nifty has almost reached Panchamam (2976) in old scale. If the downward move continues, the logical conclusion is Shadjam. Most of us had not experienced such a situation (many in US compare it to 1929-32 depression)and hence uncertain about the exact impact of it. Further, the world has changed much during the last 75 years. For checking the levels please refer the post Nifty breaches 3800 levels and carnatic old scale posted on 6th October, 2008.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a fall & What a bounce !!!

Today(16-10-08)as anticipated, at the opening Nifty plunged to 3150 level and moved downwards to 3100. From 3100 it bounced back as apprehended in the last post, to 3329 level (just 9 points down from yesterday closing of 3338)and gave a feeling that Nifty may close in green before moving down and closed at 3269. That is, a clean recovery of 97 percent(or 230 points)in the day when all US and Asian markets are down by 5 to 11 percent. It is really fantastic and gives hope for a continued uptrend for tomorrow.

Nifty may plunge to Agni level today

As US markets and Asian markets are 5 to 8 percent down, Nifty will open below the Agni level(3300 on 16th Oct 08)and move further downwards. But, a bounce today cannot be ruled out considering the 1%CRR cut and other measures by RBI.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nifty in Chatusruti Daivatham

Contrary to the expectations of Nandi that Nifty may move up to the level of Shadjam, on 10th October 2008 accepting cues from world markets, Nifty moved down to Sudha Daivatham level at 3178 (exact low was 3199 ) before closing at Chatusruti Daivatham band width at 3280. Till now, Nifty has moved down from Sudha Daivatham (6355) to Sudha Daivatham (3178) in old scale ie. ½ of 6355. In normal circumstances this is the maximum that Nifty can come down. But, since the current situations are not at all normal and all world markets are in turmoil under the present circumstances more down ward move can not be ruled out.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nifty pauses at Chatustruti Daivatham level and returns

As opined in the last post dated 6-10-08, Nifty moved downwards and paused at Chatustruti Daivatham level at 3348 ( exact point at sun outage period was 3353) on 8th October, 2008 and returned to close at 3514; a recovery of 66 percent or 184 points. Nandi is unable to explain why he used the word “pause” and why Nifty was at that point at the time of sun outage the period Nifty was frozen. Now looking forward a small up move may be possible and that may terminate in the Shadjam bandwidth ie. 3800-4100. Let us see what really happens.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nifty breaches 3800 level and enters old scale

In tune with the World markets, Nifty breached the level of 3800 so far held strongly and closed the day (6th October,2008) at 3602. Today’s low at one stage was 3581 ie. Kaisiki Nishadam level at 3573. So Nandi is posting the old scale ie. frequency multiplied by 7.75 and the new scale ie. frequency multiplied by 15.5 and mid points of swara’s. As Nifty high reached in January 2008 was Sudha Daivatham ie. 6355, Nandi feels that the maximum low that can be expected is Sudha Daivatham in old scale ie. 3178 or next lower level of Panchamam at 2976. In between there is Chatusruti Daivatham level at 3348 where Nifty may have a pause. From today onwards it seems that the movement of Nifty is having a bearish tone till it crosses again the level of 3800.
Swaram.............Freq ; Freq x 7.75 ;Mid Point ;Freq x 15.5 ; Mid Point
Shadjam............512 ; 3968 ;3844 ; 7936 ;7688
Kakali Nishadham...480 ; 3720 ;3646 ; 7440 ;7293
Kaisiki Nishadham..461 ; 3573 ;3460 ; 7146 ;6921
Chat. Daivatham....432 ; 3348 ;3263 ; 6696 ;6526
Sudha Daivatham....410 ; 3178 ;3077 ; 6355 ;6154
Panchamam..........384 ; 2976 ;2899 ; 5952 ;5797
Prati Madhyamam....364 ; 2821 ;2732 ; 5642 ;5464
Shudha Madhyamam...341 ; 2643 ;2561 ; 5286 ;5123
Anthara Gandharam..320 ; 2480 ;2430 ; 4960 ;4859
Gandharam..........307 ; 2379 ;2306 ; 4759 ;4611
Chat. Rishabham....288 ; 2232 ;2174 ; 4464 ;4348
Sudha Rishabham....273 ; 2116; 2050 ; 4232 ;4100
Shadjam............256 ; 1984 ; 3968 ;3790

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nifty decoupled with US & Asian markets

Nandi's today's feeling that Nifty should decouple with US /Asian markets and retain the level of 3800 was right. Even though in the beginning Nifty moved down to 3715 it bounced back smartly and closed at 3921. Nandi expects Nifty to move up for a few days.