Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nifty's move predefined !!!

Nandi's first post had the assumption that the "path of Nifty is predefined and it can be predicted using some of our ancient scripts or systems". Nandi is now glad to note that Shri Chaitreya Shastriji (Nifty predictor) had predicted today's movement of Nifty perfectly and with timing of the peak point.For the last one week Nandi had been observing his views in his blog Niftypredictor(prior to that in vfmdirect forum)and found that his prediction carry conviction. So Nandi is providing a link to his blog for the benefit of visitors.
On the market Nandi is nothing more to say at present. Let Nifty complete its downward movement.


kurichh said...


Hi sir...
Nice to see a combintion of music and nifty.
Now u would ask why am i commemnting after such a long time after the it was posted.The answer is very new to this blog.
Its very true that music transcends all boundaries and is the universal language of all beings.
Since we are a part of the nature so our trading method too has to be in line with nature..Even i am exploring some method in that direction , will let you know when i find something insteresting


Nandi said...

Dear Saurabh,
Nice to know that you are also going to explore the link of Nifty with music. Wish all success to your attempt. Let me know your findings when it is available.

dinesh said...

hi Sir ,
I think this is very good site .u can trade with god on your side while chanting
na ma shi va ya.
It sounds great gives u power to win .
Kindly help me in learning words and the meanings written on the left side of the home page and the levels also .As what should one do when nifty at a particular level
Dinesh Khurana