Monday, December 29, 2008

A word of caution

Wonder! Why Soma-Surya levels for Tuesday are down(Surya -105 points)when Nifty is 65 points up? While posting the last message on Sunday, based on Friday figures, Nandi was confident that the Nifty would regain on Monday what had lost on Friday, because Soma-Surya levels were almost same for Friday and Monday. More over Monday's Agni level was just 8 points up from Friday closing. Hence the mentioning of opportunity to buy. Now Nandi is not so sure that Nifty will touch Sudha Daivatham (3178) before coming down. Be on guard for any fall, apply strict stop loss / trailing stop loss. And never hold longs when Nifty touches the Agni level. This is just a word of caution.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good Bye to the Year 2008

Only three days to say Good Bye to the Year 2008 during which financial Tsunami hit the Indian markets along with other world markets and swallowed more than 80 percentage of assets. Year 2008 will also be remembered as a dreadful year due to the terrorist attack on Mumbai and the formation of war clouds along the boarder with Pakistan. Perhaps, shadow of these war clouds might have dragged Nifty down last week to 2857 from 3078. Looking forward it is felt that Nifty may move up again as war clouds recede and close the year above Sudha Daivatham (3178) giving hope for the year 2009. As Agni level has receded Nifty may emerge out of Agni level giving opportunity for a buy.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nifty in Sudha Daivatham band width.

The Friday the 19th December,2008 also defied the usual pattern of Fridays and closed at 3078 in Sudha Daivatham band width (3077-3263)with a gain of 17 points. It seems, the up move may be terminated at Sudha Daivatham (3178)as expected earlier. The next trend reversal possibility is after the no moon-day on 27th December 2008. But as stated earlier the MFs may try hard to lift the market up to 31st December to better their performances. However, high volatility also can be expected during this period.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inflation figures lifts up Nifty

Nifty today(18-12-08)moved downwards as expected up to 11.00 a.m and touched the low of 2923. Soon after the release of latest inflation figures(6.84)it changed its direction and steadily moved up and closed at 3061 regaining all the losses of yesterday. Thus, Nifty may continue its upward journey a little more, reversing the indication given yesterday. As expiry of F&O positions for the December series are near by and the usual practice of Mutual Funds to jack up the prices of equities at the end of the year (31st December)to show better performances, high volatility is expected. Trade with caution.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nifty up move ends @ boarder of Sudha Daivatham

To day(17th December,2008) Nifty's up move ended at 3076 ie. boarder point of Panchamam and Sudha Daivatham at 3077(Nifty future top was 3097). From now on the pending full moon effect, Friday decline etc will drag Nifty down to more than 300 points.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Friday that defied the usual pattern

On computing the Soma-Surya levels for Friday the 12th December,2008 Nandi was puzzled. Contrary to the expectation of downward/same levels, they showed upward levels. After opening of the markets it seemed the expectation of downward movement on the full moon Friday was materialised. Later, Nifty climbed back and closed at 2921 with a gain of 1 point; indicating the implications of upward levels in Soma-Surya levels. It is to be studied further why this happened, despite the loss in all other markets (US & Asian) around 5 percent. It seems further steam is left to propel the Nifty to the Sudha Daivatham level(3178)as indicated on 7th December 2008. However, no purchase is advised as far as Nifty is below the Agni level. Agni level is moving up faster than Nifty which might be an indication of an imminent fall.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nifty in Panchamam (old) band width

Nifty today (10-12-08) closed at 2928 in Panchamam (old) band width. As full moon is nearby, a down fall will be around the corner. Be ready to exit all longs when Nifty touches Agni level.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Up move expected

Last Friday Nifty movement was as anticipated by the visitors of Vipani Sangeetham as it was a typical Friday movement. Monday, after the cut in petrol & diesel prices by Central Government, cut in Repo & Reverse Repo rate by RBI and prospects of financial package by Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh etc. definitely will give a boost to Indian market. So, Nifty may re-start its journey to Panchamam (2976), Sudha Daivatham (3178)levels as expected by Nandi last week. It is to be seen from where it retraces.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nifty above Agni level again

Today(4-12-08)up to 11.00 a.m Nifty remained below today's Agni level at 2666 in a range bound trading. After that it started to climb and closed at 2788 with a gain of 132 points. As up move may be limited to 2830-80 or dissipated as was happened on 1st December,2008 it should be ensured that all longs are exited once Nifty touches the Agni level again or even before that when ever there is reasonable profit.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nifty slides back to Agni level

Today (1-12-08) Nifty opened firm as expected and moved to 2833. After the negative opening of European markets, it slid back through the Agni level at 2775 and closed at 2683,down by 72 points. Thus the up move anticipation has been dissipated and the immediate trend is down. Nandi always advised to exit all longs once Nifty touches Agni level and wait for the emergence of Nifty from the Agni level. Nandi apprehends that Nifty may retest the October low or even go below that during December, probably from the Full Moon Day ie. 12th December,2008.