Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nifty up move ends @ boarder of Sudha Daivatham

To day(17th December,2008) Nifty's up move ended at 3076 ie. boarder point of Panchamam and Sudha Daivatham at 3077(Nifty future top was 3097). From now on the pending full moon effect, Friday decline etc will drag Nifty down to more than 300 points.


Raji said...

Respected nandi sir,
I saw ur older comments and note it down ur levels.
Friday 300 pts down!
is it possible?
Bcoz i'm waiting for that fall..

Thank u very much sir.

Nandi said...

Dear Raji,
Nothing is indicating the fall will be in one day or on Friday. It just means the downward target is below 300 points. Please remember that market is always superior to everybody and nobody can predict the market movement exactly. In the begining "NiftyPredictor" could do it almost near to it. But recently he is also not able to do it accurately. Take care and use stop loss to minimise loss while trading.
Best wishes