Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nifty touches centre of Gandharam intraday

On Friday(29-1-10)the announcement that RBI has decided to enhance CRR from 5.00% to 5.75%(expectation was 5.50%)caused Nifty to dive to 4766 and Nifty futures to 4757 ie. centre of Gandharam(4759). After that exceptional Friday effect lifted Nifty 128 points and Nifty touched 4894 before closing at 4882 with a gain of 15 points. This up move may continue for a couple of days and Nifty may move to centre of Anthara Gandharam(4960) or perhaps to top of Anthara Gandharam(5123). Continuance of down ward movement expected after 5th February, the date Mercury transits to Makaram(Capricornus).

Saturday, January 30, 2010

AVTAR - An Indian concept

The following words from the Indian epic Bhaghvat Gita can be termed as the base of AVTAR.

Yada yada hi dharmasya
Glanir bhavati bharata
Abhyutthanam adharmasya
Tadatmanam srjamy aham
~ Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

yada: whenever, yada: wherever, hi: certainly, dharmasya: of justice, glanih: depreciation, bhavati: manifested, becomes, bharata: O country (Bharat/universe), abhyutthanam: lift or reclaim, adharmasya: of injustice, tada: at that time, atmanam: self, srjami: manifest(avtarise = verbe of Avtarഅവതരിക്കുക), aham: I.

"Whenever the balance of the universe is disrupted and injustice prevail, then I Avtarise(manifest) Myself there, for the restoration of justice and universal harmony."

AVTAR is not reincarnation. For reincarnation one's death is essential, not in Avtar.
The 9 avtars of Lord Vishnu so far are Matsya (fish), Kurma (tortoise), Varaha (boar), Narasimha (half-man, half-lion), Vamana (dwarf man), Parshurama (man with an axe/vengeance), Rama (model man), Balrama(man with anger) and Krishna (practical man) respectively. The tenth avtar, Kalki is yet to manifest. It may be noted that the sequence of avatars is same as the sequence of the Origin of Species by Charles Darvin

* Matsya, The Fish(lives in water)
* Kurma, The Tortoise(lives in water and land)
* Varaha, The Boar(animal lives in land)
* Narasimha, The Man-Lion (Nara = man, simha = lion)
* Vamana, The Dwarf man
* Parashurama, the man with an axe/vengeance
* Rama, Prince and king of Ayodhya and the Modal Man
* Balrama, The elder brother of Lord Krishna
* Krishna, The Practical King who gave us the most valuable "Bhagvat Gita"
* Kalki, The Destroyer of foulness - will be emitting fire from the sky

The James Cameron's Hollywood block buster 3D film "AVTAR" has taken its title and concept from India. Before death itself hero of the film Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) manifests him selves in another form - a blue skinned humanoid living in the planet Pandora. Lord Vishnu's earlier Avtar's life span was very minimal. But, later in the case of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna they lived in the earth many years. At the same time Lord Vishu was discharging his duty of maintenance of the universe from his abode Vaikundam. Pandora inhabitants' color is blue as of Sri Krishna and are living in harmony with nature(communication method with nature is fascinating). Their world is the greenest, we cannot think of. Their vehicles (flying dragons)are adapted to zero pollution standards and does not use depleting energy sources. Indian Gods were depicted as using same type of vehicles ie. Lord Vishu - Garuda (eagle), Lord Subrahmanya - Pea Cock, Lord Shiva - Nandi ( bull) etc. A tail is also not a strange thing, Lord Hanuman, one of the Avtars of Lord Shiva is having a tail. The race/language name "Na`vi" used in the film is also Indian which means "new", example: Navi Mumbai.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nifty back to Anthara Gandharam

Being the settlement day for January series and having nearly 500 points downward swing during the month, today(28-1-10) Nifty was highly volatile. Nifty high/low and Nifty futures high/low were 4930/4825 and 4935/4823 respectively and are having differences of more than 100 points. After reaching 4930 at 10.38, Nifty declined fast to touch Agni level 4826(12.53) and bounced back to 4880(13.35). Finally Nifty closed the day at 4867 with a gain of 14 points, just above low of Anthara Gandharam (4859). Tomorrow, due to RBI credit policy announcement and is an exceptional Friday, high volatility is expected.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nifty slides to Gandharam range

Today(27-1-10) Nifty opened at 4945 with a loss of 63 points and closed at 4853 with a loss of 155 points, in Gandharam (High: 4859, Centre: 4759, Low: 4611). At 14.00 Nifty touched the low of Anthara Gandharam and bounced back to 4903 which could not be sustained, may be due to the adverse planetary positions stated in yesterday's post. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 4826 and any further decline may take Nifty to low of Gandharam range shortly.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nifty closes above Agni level, but don't buy

On Monday(25-1-10)after moving in 4983 - 5036 range, Nifty closed at 5008 with a loss of 28 points. At 14.15 Nifty wiped out 53 points loss made in the beginning, touched yesterday close level and gave the impression that the closing will be in positive. Instead of full-filling that hope, Nifty moved down fast and was at 4996 at the time of closing. Averaging helped to close in a better position at 5008.
However, Nifty close was above the Agni level for tomorrow at 4969, giving a positive signal. But this is not the time to buy. As Full moon day coupled with Mars conjunction is due on 30th January, 2010, any rise in equities is to be utilised to exit the positions. Mars will be closest to earth on 27th January, 2010. Hence, Nifty is likely to fall around these days and transition of Mercury to Makaram(Capricornus)on 5th February may aggravate the slide.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nifty moved down to touch centre of Anthara Gandharam

On Friday(22-1-10) Nifty opened with a loss of 111 points at 4983, moved up 30 points to 5013, and moved down to 4955 to touch the centre of Anthara Gandharam (4960). Thereafter Nifty moved up to 5076(12.10), moved down to the range 5024 - 5057 and closed the day at 5036 with a loss of 58 points. For details see the table above. On Monday, if moved up above tomorrow's Agni level Nifty may move to the top of Anthara Gandharam (5123). A close below centre of Anthara Gandharam(4960)may confirm the start of down trend. Anthara Gandharam low is 4859. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5050.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nifty declines to Anthara Gandharam range

Was cautioning from 14th January onwards about the downward movement of Nifty during this month . Only today(21-1-10)a sizable decline (more than 100 points) came in. Nifty today closed at 5094 with a loss of 128 points in Anthara Gandharam bandwidth (Low: 4859, Centre: 4960 and High: 5123). A decline below 5048 will take Nifty to 4960 shortly. As mentioned earlier, expect downtrend to continue during this Malayalam month Makaram (Capricornus - 14th January 2010 to 12th February 2010) with intermittent slight upward moves. Avoid buying when Nifty is below Agni level. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5161.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Further weakness expected.

Today(20-1-10)Nifty Closed at 5222 with a loss of 4 points, but one level low at R20A6.
Today's low was 5201, from where Nifty bounced back 35 points(14.48). As Nifty closed the day below the Agni level for the day(5265) and also for tomorrow(5241), further weakness is expected.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nifty closes below Agni level

Today(19-1-110) Nifty closed at 5226 with a loss of 49 points, below today's Agni level(5272). Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5265.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nifty closes near centre of Sudha Madhyamam

Nifty today(18-1-10)closed at 5275 with a gain of 23 points. Today's Nifty range and futures range were 5229 - 5293 and 5232 - 5290 respectively. Nifty moved above centre of Sudha Madhyamam but, closing was below that level. As U.S. markets are closed Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. day, gap up or gap down opening is not expected on Tuesday. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5272.

Comparative figures of Nifty January 2008 and January 2010 are given below for perusal. {Netted difference of 4th and 10th January 2008 to be taken.} Will history be repeated ? Let us wait and see.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Solar Eclipse Day, Friday the 15th January,2010

The annular solar eclipse had on 15th January, 2010 will be noted in history as the longest solar eclipse of the century. As it was clearly visible in South India from Kanyakumari to Varkala in Trivandrum District large number of astronomers and general public from all over the world gathered at Trivandrum and Varkala. The students, teachers, scientists and general public assembled at Kanakakunnu Palace in Trivandrum to witness the celestial extravaganza were more than 3k. Nandi was also one among them at Kanakakkunnu Palace. After looking up for some time Nandi looked downwards on the ground and astonished to see many crescent shaped light patches created by the Sun's rays that passed through the tiny gaps in between tree leaves. That was nature's wonderful pin-hole camera. Manorama News channel captured that images and shown it along the evening news. All other facts,figures and images are available in many sites.

In the stock market it was a lack luster day similar to Thursday. Nifty range was 38 points and closing at 5252 with a loss of 8 points. Nifty futures range was just 27 points (5272 - 5245). Similar to an earlier eclipse day, Dow Jones lost 100 points on that day's trading. Expect down ward movement in Nifty if it does not move above 5286 tomorrow. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5235.

Astrology & W.D.Gann's findings

In Astrology, to find out "Papa" or "ill factor" 1,2,4,7,8 and 12th positions from Lagna(based on Sun's position), Chandra(Moon) and Shukra(Venus)are considered. Positions to be counted clock-wise and Malayalam Astrological year starts from Medam (Aries), shown as second column from top left corner (dark green)in the chart. Further it is assumed that Zero degree is at the beginning of the Medam and each segment is having an uniform width of 30 degrees. Like needles on the clock, on completion of 12 segments it covers a full circle or 360 degrees. Above mentioned positions start from the segments where Lagna,Chandra & Shukra are positioned and in our normal counting the positions will be one less ie. 0,1,3,6,7 and 11. These positions converted in to degrees is having correlations with the degrees mentioned by W.D. Gann, the noted American Stock Market wizard. Details are shown in the chart given below. In the chart starting position(0 to 30 degrees) is painted dark green, 180 to 210 degrees light green, 90 to 120 degrees & 270 to 300 degrees in tea leaf color. Chart also shows the planetary positions as on the beginning of Makaram(Capricornus). During the last two years there was a down ward movement of Nifty when Sun is in Makaram (270 to 300 degrees) and hence cautioned on Thursday's post. When Budhan(Mercury) also enters Makaram on 5th February,2010 the adverse factors may be complete.
These observations are based on the last two years planetary positions only and it may or may not agree with the traditional astrological predictions. Traditional astrologers may kindly excuse and avoid any arguments. This post is just to mention the correlation of Astrology followed in Kerala and Gann's findings.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nifty future range lowest - 31 points only

Today(14-1-10) after opening with a gain of 31 points, Nifty moved in a range lesser than that(29 points)which is the 2nd lowest during the last one year. Nifty future range (5275 - 5244)also was the lowest with just 31 points difference. Is it a saturation signal? If Nifty is not closing above the centre of Sudha Madhyamam (5286) again in next week, chances of a fast down ward movement is indicated. Effects of tomorrow's Solar Eclipse, Mandan's(Saturn) retrograde from tomorrow - Mangal(Mars) already in retrograde - and Moon & Mars conjunction on 31st January 2010, may aggravate the situation. Though not sure, it will be better to be cautious this month. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5227.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

European markets help Nifty to close in green

Asian markets did not help Nifty to move above Agni level 5225 as anticipated. But, European markets did what was expected of Asian markets today - please see the surge of Nifty from 5172(13.25) to 5238(15.30). Thus, Nifty today(13-1-10)closed at 5234 with a gain of 24 points. Remember yesterday's words "Down trend is likely to continue". Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5212.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nifty closes around 5200

Though Nifty today(12-1-10)opened at 5300 with a gain of 52 points, it declined to 5200 and closed at 5210 with a loss of 39 points. In between there was an up move from 9248(11.00)to 5273(12.00)to touch the Agni level for the day(5270). But soon it started to decline and lost 73 points from that level. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5225, just 15 points up from the closing today. Nifty may move above Agni level tomorrow if the opening of Asian markets is favorable. But, down trend is likely to continue.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nifty closes flat after visiting centre of Sudha Mandhyamam

Nifty today(11-1-10)closed flat at 5249(R20A8)after touching centre of Sudha Madhyamam (5286). Today's low seen was 5239(15.00) only. But NSE data shows a low of 5228 from opening time itself. That may be due to a freak transaction (Rs.1050/-) in Reliance Industries. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5270. Avoid longs even it moves above Agni level.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

High volatility expected next week

On Friday(8-1-10)Nifty closed at 5245 with a loss of 18 points. Friday downward movement was less than anticipated. As results will start coming in during the week starting from 11th January high volatility is expected. Agni level for tomorrow is at 5302.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nifty closes below Agni level

Nifty today(7-1-09)closed at 5263 with a loss of 19 points. As Nifty closing is below the Agni level 5304 more down ward movement expected on Friday. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5316.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nifty closes at centre of Shuda Madhyamam - 2nd day

Nifty today (6-1-10)closed flat at 5282, at the centre of Sudha Madhyamam (R20A10). High opening at 5311 and moving to negative territory thrice was the notable points today. Nothing to add further to yesterday remarks. Agni level for tomorrow is at 5304, which is below the Nifty close today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nifty closes exactly at centre of Sudha Madhyamam

As anticipated in yesterday's post, Nifty today (5-1-10) moved to centre of Sudha Madhyamam (5286) and closed at 5278 with a gain of 46 points. Nifty spot high up to 14.50 was 5286 itself, and after that it added just 2 points before close. Today's swaram was "Da" only and it may be the end of upward movement. Similarly on 22nd December,2009 the swaram was just "Pa" only and that was the end of recent downward movement. Nifty futures range was also very narrow with a difference of 32 points (5295 - 5263) similar to 33 points on 22nd December,2009. When Nifty starts moving downwards within next three days, expect a minimum of 100 points on the first day. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5272.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nifty moving towards centre of Sudha Madhyamam(5286)

Though opened 34 points down at 9.00 a.m today(4-1-2010),Nifty soon moved to positive territory and closed at 5232 with a gain of 31 points. Nifty may move to centre of Sudha Madhyamam (5286)tomorrow. Tomorrow's Surya and Agni levels are 5280 and 5260 respectively.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year (sock market) starts Tomorrow(Monday)

Last day of last year Nifty closed at 5201, the highest close during 2009. Last years lowest close was 2573 on 9th March,2009.
New trading year starts tomorrow, the 4th January,2010 with extended timing from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. So, all people connected to stock market in India has to rush early from Monday. Therefore, time for observation of Asian markets, going trough stock market websites/blogs etc. has to be reduced to cope up with the change. Thus, the new year demands more from us and definitely we will be able to fulfill that demand. Let us watch and act as it demands. WISH EVERY INVESTOR A WEALTHY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fractals or natures repetition of patterns ?

These are the Nifty closing figures for 2007 and 2009 December end.

Is 2007 and 2009 (Ups & Downs) has similarities? Whether 2008 will be repeated in 2010 ? Just for holiday tinkering.