Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Invest in Sovereign Gold Bond

Investing in Sovereign Gold Bond(SGB) issued by RBI is a better option than investing in Gold ETF, as you need not pay ETF maintenance cost and gold insurance(this is being realised by selling GETF units and you won't know it). Unit price of first Indian Gold ETF ie. GoldBees on IPO(Rs.962/-) was equivalent to one gram 24 carat pure gold and it's value now is not enough to buy one gram 22 carat ornament gold. The issue price of SGB 4th tranche is fixed at Rs. 3119/- per gram. It is advisable to include gold also in your portfolio and it need not go more than 10-15 % of your total investments.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Jul 2016

As on 1st July 2016 Sun, Venus & Mercury in Gemini, Rahu & Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, Ketu in Aquarius and Moon in Aries. Planetary transits in July: 16th Sun -> Cancer, 7th Venus -> Cancer, 11th Mercury -> Cancer & Mars -> Scorpio, 27th Mercury -> Leo and 31st Venus -> Leo.
The planetary positions given above are at the time of Sunrise in India(Kerala) and Moon's conjunction effect on markets may be seen in countries (Asia / Europe / US) where trading take places at the time of conjunction(10° - 0°). When the angular difference between the Moon and the planet at Sunrise is more than 5 degrees and/or conjunction occurs in Rasis(constellations) other than the Sun's Rasi, there may be a delay up to 24 hours in the conjunction effect according to their positions {Note: expect only eighty percent accuracy in assumptions based on Moon's conjunction with Mars(-), Venus(-) and Jupiter(+) as some other astro factors may also influence the market}. As Moon conjuncts with Venus and Mars on 5th and 14th respectively Nifty may move downwards on 5th and on 14th/15th. Guru-Chandala Yoga (Jupiter & Rahu in same Rasi) which occurs normally once in Seven years is happening from 31st January to 11th August 2016 ( refer January 7, 2016 post) and it's unfavorable to market.