Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nifty during November 2016

RSI :Besides other technical details, for Nandi RSI is the percentage of buyers in the market at a given time. All buyers or all sellers (RSI 100 or O) is not at all practical, since there must be some one to sell for any body to buy. Therefore, whenever RSI increases to 85-95 market slows down and early buyers turns sellers and market corrects. Similarly when RSI decreases to 5-15 early sellers turns buyers and market moves up. So, take advantage on both of these occasions by watching RSI.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Super Exceptional Friday

As Moon was nearest with the Earth which occures once in 60 years, last full moon was the largest Super Moon. Similarly last Exceptional Friday was "Super Exceptional Friday" with a super gain of 149 points against normal 50 to 100 points upmove from the low on Exceptional Fridays. The additional factors contributed to this phenomenon was a) Nifty daily RSI was below 30 and b) Moon was in conjunction with Jupiter. Yesterday's Nifty figures are: Open 8007.95,High 8122.25, Low 7976.75,Close 8114.30.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nifty's reaction on Trump elected as US President

Today (9th November 2016) Nifty opened at 8068(-476), moved further down to 8002(-542), recovered up to 8476(-68) and closed at 8432(-112). Mr. Donald Trumps victory in US Presidential election and Modi's strategic strike on black money, both contributed to this fall.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes withdrawn

Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi announced in an address to the nation that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 denomination notes are being withdrawn from today midnight. He said that such notes will become "mere paper" within a few days. PM Modi said this is being done to tackle the menace of black money in the country, which has sapped the economy. As this announcement came just after PM's meeting with Army officials, it is believed that reliable information may have received that, to destabilise Indian economy, high denomination Indian currencies are being printed extensively in Pakistan and distributed through terrorist outfits. Banks, ATMs have been ordered to remain shut on Wednesday to facilitate the introduction of new 500 and 2000 rupee notes in ATMs and banks. Senior government officials and Reserve Bank of India chief Urijit Patel today revealed what the new Rs. 500 and 2000 notes will look like(shown above), announcing that these will be launched on Thursday, November 10.

In 1978 when Shri Morarjee Desai was PM, Rs.1000, Rs.5000 and Rs.10000 banknotes were demonetised to curb unaccounted money. To avoid hardships to common man, arrangements were also made to exchange such notes in banks by giving full address of the tenderer and serial number of the notes. This time it is possible that it may also be linked to Adhar in addition to address proof and mobile phone number of the customer. Though the general public may face some minor difficulties for a day or two it is to be welcomed by all common people as it is beneficial for Indian economy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Nov 2016

As on 1st November 2016 Sun & Mercury & Moon in Libra, Saturn & Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Sagitarius, Ketu in Aquarius, Rahu in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. The above planetary positions is having a distinctive feature. All planets are in between Rahu & Ketu leaving one side (180°) empty from 4th September 2016 to 28th December 2016 (except on dates when Moon moves to other side)and astrologers call it "KALA SARPA YOGA". "Yoga" means assembly. "Kala Sarpa" written in English is having two meanings in Malayalam since "la(ല)" and "la(ള)" are different. First meaning is "time serpent" and other "black or deadly serpent". In India, perpetual nature of time has been represented as a circle of two serpents having their tails in the mouth of the other(in China it is dragons instead of serpents). As Rahu and Ketu are considered head and tail, all Grahas(Sun, Moon & 5 planets) are now inside a serpent and hence the name. The second meaning is having ill effects and troubles including death. As there is imbalance in the solar system (all Grahas are in one side of Rahu-Ketu), high volatility and swift downward movement in the market is expected (it's said "as above, so below"). The last Kala Sarpa Yoga period was from 13-5-13 to 25-9-13.
Planetary transits in November: 16th Sun -> Scorpio, 1st Mars -> Capricorn, 7th Venus -> Sagitarius, 8th Mercury -> Scorpio and 28th Mercury -> Sagitarius.
The planetary positions given above are at the time of Sunrise in India(Kerala) and Moon's conjunction effect on markets may be seen in countries (Asia / Europe / US) where trading take places at the time of conjunction(10° - 0°). When the angular difference between the Moon and the planet at Sunrise is more than 5 degrees and/or conjunction occurs in Rasis(constellations) other than the Sun's Rasi, there may be a delay up to 24 hours in the conjunction effect according to their positions {Note: expect only eighty percent accuracy in assumptions based on Moon's conjunction with Mars(-), Venus(-) and Jupiter(+) as some other astro factors may also influence the market}. Conjunction dates can be had from the table above.