Saturday, November 26, 2016

Super Exceptional Friday

As Moon was nearest with the Earth which occures once in 60 years, last full moon was the largest Super Moon. Similarly last Exceptional Friday was "Super Exceptional Friday" with a super gain of 149 points against normal 50 to 100 points upmove from the low on Exceptional Fridays. The additional factors contributed to this phenomenon was a) Nifty daily RSI was below 30 and b) Moon was in conjunction with Jupiter. Yesterday's Nifty figures are: Open 8007.95,High 8122.25, Low 7976.75,Close 8114.30.


karthi Deivendran said...


As you expected, due to Kaala Sarpa Yoga effect, nifty corrected from nearly 8700 to 7929. During this period US president election and our government Demonetisation scheme brings down the nifty. Now I think all the worst are over. Please give me your opinion whether the nifty will go below 7936 again in December. Thanking You,

Nandi said...

Dear Karthi,
Next down move will be in December/January(before 8th) and Nifty will go below 7936.

Nandi said...

Today's(23-12-16) low is 7942 and a margin of plus or minus 8 points can be ignored.

Nandi said...

Today(26-12-16) Nifty closed at 7908 and the low was 7894.