Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nifty's reaction on Trump elected as US President

Today (9th November 2016) Nifty opened at 8068(-476), moved further down to 8002(-542), recovered up to 8476(-68) and closed at 8432(-112). Mr. Donald Trumps victory in US Presidential election and Modi's strategic strike on black money, both contributed to this fall.


Sujatha said...

dear sir,

you are rocking..soon nifty may land @ your agni waiting for the new contract to get clear picture.

stock specific is OK. onceagain thanks for your inputs and alerts.

Nandi said...

Nifty at Shadjam (7936), more than 1000 points gone from Sept high of 8969. Compare this with the last Kalasarpa yoga period mentioned in the post.