Friday, January 31, 2014

Nifty during January 2014

Though Nifty remained in Madhysthayi(midle level) of D1 up to 24th January 2014, it declined to Tharasthayi(upper level) of P at the end of the month. Nifty may move at least to the centre of P(5952).

Today, the Friday, 31st January 2014 is an unique day as Chinese New Year(year of the Horse) begins and both the conditions of Exceptional Friday (first Friday after the F&O expiry & Friday following continuous four days close in red)satisfies. This is the first time after Nandi had started observing (2008) its effect, both the conditions fulfiled in a single Friday. Beginning of Chinese year on this particular Friday makes it unique. But, the exceptional Friday effect(50 to 100 points upmove from the low) was totally missing which indicates that market is having some constraint to move up. Today was a highly volatile day with Nifty range 6067 - 6098 and green closing at 6090. Nifty futures range was 6090 - 6135.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RBI surprises by raising repo rate by 25 bps

Today(28-1-14) RBI raised its policy repo rate by 25 basis points ie. from 7.75 to 8.00 percent and surprised the market. On hearing this though Nifty slipped 70 points, it recovered soon and closed at 6126 with a loss of 10 points. Nifty futures range was 6086 - 6172. Agni level for tomorrow is 6133.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nifty closes at 6136, below Kaprekar variant 6147 !!!

Today(27-1-14) Nifty opened at 6186 with a loss of 81 point, moved down to 6130 and closed at 6136 with a loss of 131 points. As the closing at 6136 is below the Kaprekar varient 6147, it can be assumed that the trend has been changed to downwards. Today's daily average is at 6159 just above the bottom of D1(6154) and tomorrow Nifty may move to P whose centre is 5952. Nifty futures range was 6143 - 6210.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kaprekar again !!!

After touching lifetime high of 6415 on 9th December, 2013(close at 6364 on that day is the highest close so far) on anouncement of results of four state assemblies including Delhi, Nifty declined to 6130. Nifty again moved up to 6358(2-1-14) and declined to 6140. Last week Nifty again moved up to 6347 and started to decline.

During December, Nandi's daughter bought a new car under exchange offer and its number is 4671. The number felt familiar to Nandi and on checking found that it is a rearragement of Kaprekar constant 6174. The rearragement of Kaprekar constant will give us 7641, 7614, 7461, 7416, 7164, 7146, 6741, 6714, 6471, 6417, 6174, 6147. It is interesting to note that Nifty's high so far is 6415 and it's just below 6417. Again Nifty didn't move much below 6147 and closing was above that figure. Therefore, immediate trend will be decided once Nifty breaks this range 6417 - 6147 (remember bottom of D1 is 6154).

Friday, January 10, 2014

Nifty closes at 6171

Today(Friday, 10th January, 2014) Nifty opened at 6179, moved down to 6140, moved up to 6239 and after declining up to 6163 closed at 6171 with a gain of 3 points only. Nifty futures range was 6156 - 6269 having a difference of 113 points.

In the Friday Nifty closing gussing game, Shri Shyamalroy hit it exactly @ 6171. He said 6171 or 6244. It is interesting to note that Nifty moved near to his second figure (6239) before declining. Nandi congratulates him. Nandi's intention to post it was just to high light the pecularity of Nifty closing with reference to Franklin Square.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Can you guess Friday closing ?

Nifty closing during this week so far was as given below
6-Jan-14 6191 (L047)
7-Jan-14 6162 (L018)
8-Jan-14 6175 (L031)
9-Jan-14 6168 (L024)
Monday to Wednesday closing is in 7th row (indicated in rose colour) in the Franklin Square. Today's(Thursday) closing is in 6th row (indicted in blue colour since same closing occured on 13-12-13). Now, guess Friday closing and post it in comments column so that we know who guessed it right.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Jan 2014

As on 1st January 2014, Sun, Mercury & Moon in Sagitarius, Venus in Capricornus, Ketu in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini, Mars in Virgo and Rahu & Saturn in Libra. Planetary transits in January: 14th Sun -> Capricornus, 7th Venus -> Sagitarius, 8th Mercury -> Capricornus, 26th Mercury -> Aquarius.
The planetary positions given are at the time of sunrise in India(Kerala) and conjunction effects on markets may be seen on the countries (Asia / Europe / US) over which conjunction(0°)take places. As per above Nifty may move downwards on 2nd(pm), 23rd and 29th. As Jupiter is in retrograde from 7th November 13 to 6th March 2014 the conjunctions may have adverse effects on market during this period. That is on 15th.