Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Friday that defied the usual pattern

On computing the Soma-Surya levels for Friday the 12th December,2008 Nandi was puzzled. Contrary to the expectation of downward/same levels, they showed upward levels. After opening of the markets it seemed the expectation of downward movement on the full moon Friday was materialised. Later, Nifty climbed back and closed at 2921 with a gain of 1 point; indicating the implications of upward levels in Soma-Surya levels. It is to be studied further why this happened, despite the loss in all other markets (US & Asian) around 5 percent. It seems further steam is left to propel the Nifty to the Sudha Daivatham level(3178)as indicated on 7th December 2008. However, no purchase is advised as far as Nifty is below the Agni level. Agni level is moving up faster than Nifty which might be an indication of an imminent fall.


Raji said...

Respwcted nandi Sir,
we expect not only ur levels but also advice for trading,daily.
Pls give us.If u give that,it will be very useful to us.
Really ur levels r amazing today also.

Thank u sir.

Nandi said...

Dear Raji,
Kindly read reply to your earlier comments. Do trade according to the levels given. Please allow 16 grace points to to initiate buy/sell.