Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nifty in Panchamam (old) band width

Nifty today (10-12-08) closed at 2928 in Panchamam (old) band width. As full moon is nearby, a down fall will be around the corner. Be ready to exit all longs when Nifty touches Agni level.


Sharath said...

Sir,i am regularly following your blog, and nifty is trading exactly as you r predicting.
Great going for reader's.....

Nandi said...

Dear Sharath,
Thanks for the remarks. Nandi will be satisfied if at least a few traders/investors like you are benefited from this blog.

srit said...

respected nandi sir
i m regular visitor of ur blog,and ur prediction r exactly right,
sir can i ask for levels like panchamam,sadhjam etc..
so i can trade according to them as say by u.
once again thank u.

Raji said...

Sir ,I am following urs blog,for past two months.Really urs views for nifty is amazing.
Then,"the exceptional friday",matter is very helpful to traders.Bcoz ,most of the ppl told the black friday is coming.But me saw that some fridays r not black.So me confused.Wen saw urs blog me cleared from that confusion.Pls give us these kind of things continuously.

Thank you.

Nandi said...

Dear Srit&Raji,
Music levels of Nifty are shown in the left(below) side of the blog. Dividing the above with 2 will give old scale. The old scale was posted some time back, may be in oct or sept. Don't try to trade on these levels now. As these levels has big differences it is to be sub divided and the work is in progress. The difficulty now for it is getting the last years intra day data. Now use the levels 3800-3630-3480-3321-3200-3141- 2982-2933-2880-2774-2691-2600-2414- 2254-2120-1984
Las Friday (12th Dec) was also different. It is to be studied why it was so.
Thanks for the remarks.

srit said...

i hv no words to say but only 3 words