Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nifty moves to Panchamam in old scale

Nifty has almost reached Panchamam (2976) in old scale. If the downward move continues, the logical conclusion is Shadjam. Most of us had not experienced such a situation (many in US compare it to 1929-32 depression)and hence uncertain about the exact impact of it. Further, the world has changed much during the last 75 years. For checking the levels please refer the post Nifty breaches 3800 levels and carnatic old scale posted on 6th October, 2008.


kurichh said...

hi vipin sir,
I am a first time visitor to ur blog... seems a insterting and market... will exxplore a lot more in days to come..



Nandi said...

Dear Saurabh,

Please address me as Nandi. Vipani means market in sanskrit and Sangeetham means music, hence marketsmusic. Thanks for your visit.