Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adhar - technological cheating of poor

Linking "Adhar" with LPG has been introduced by the central government to avoid payment of subsidy to non-genuene LPG consumers and thereby reduce expenditure of the government. It was told that the consumers need not pay extra amount since the increase in the bill amount will be subsidised by credit to bank account. But, in effect the consumers are forced to pay an extra amount of Rs. 175.49 as shown in the table above. Verily, it is cheating by the Finance Ministry / UPA government on the pretext of implementing an advanced system. It is gathered that the gas agency delivery boys are collectig Rs.1,100/- from illiterate women folk for delivering one LPG gas cylinder. The central government should keep up their words and reduce the price of LPG cylinder or increase the subsidy amount being credited to bank accounts and monitor the activities of gas agencies. Consumers who have not linked Adhar with LPG so far may delay it as far as possible, since the LPG cylinder is available to them at the old price till it is linked with Adhar. Kerala is the first state to introduce this system. Consumers' and other public organisations of other states may take preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of the same in their states.


BALA said...

To day other than Full Moon Day , any other significance astrologically/astronomically. With Mercury going to be retrograde from 21st is there any significance and now stationary to retrograde. Nifyt will make anew high of all time

BALA said...

To day Nifty skyrocketed.Other than Full Moon and Mercury stationary to retrograde any other significant to mention astronomically/astrologically. With Sun is going to con Raghu and saturn , any great fall is expected

Nandi said...

Dear Bala,
No other important astro factors noticed other than the full moon in Libra. Before Diwali Nifty may move further up unless Mercury retro prevents it. However, in November there will be a strong down move around Sun,Saturn&Rahu conjunction.

Noufal said...

You are spreading false news . we are receiving RS 808 as subsidy from bank.

Nandi said...

Dear Noufal,
If you are biased it's OK, but don't blame "spreading false news". First note the date of posting and what was the situation at that time. December 2013 also I have received Rs.531.15 only. Till date I have not received Rs.808.00 as you said.
However, it is noted with satisfaction that many consumers might have escaped from the "trap of UPA govt" after reading the post.