Saturday, May 9, 2009

Warren Buffett- gifted market musician

The Business Line Daily dated 7th May, 2009 (Page 18)reports as below:
"When he is not attending to the business that helped him amass $40-billion fortune, Warren Buffett maintains a decade long love for the ukulele, and he wants the music playing.
To help this along, the world's second richest person has given ukuleles and a lesson on the instrument to girls at North Omaha branch of Girls Inc. Buffett spent about an hour with 13 girls at the group's building, trying to teach them the songs "Red River Valley" and "Happy Birthday". It had to be pointed out to some of the girls who Buffett was.
"After the fact, one girl came to the office and asked, "Our ukulele teacher is the second-richest man in the world?" Robert Weithelm, executive director of Girls Inc. recalled "And I said that's true. And she said, "The first-richest doesn't play?"
In fact,the first richest, Bill Gates, does play. Buffett taught him.

Note: Vipani Sangeethem has no doubt that Warren Buffett could achieve the number one position in the market (Vipani) only due to his musical(Sangeetham)prowess.

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