Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nifty during February 2017

RSI :Besides other technical details, for Nandi RSI is the percentage of buyers in the market at a given time. All buyers or all sellers (RSI 100 or O) is not at all practical, since there must be some one to sell for any body to buy. Therefore, whenever RSI increases to 85-95 market slows down and early buyers turns sellers and market corrects. Similarly when RSI decreases to 5-15 early sellers turns buyers and market moves up. So, take advantage on both of these occasions by watching RSI.


Ramesh said...

How to calculate RSI ?

Nandi said...

Dear Ramesh,
RSI is available from the positional traders chart, whose link is given at the top left. If particular you can get the method of calculation from the net.

atain said...

Good take on RSI. Thanks.