Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Mar 2017

As on 1st March 2017 Sun & Mercury & Ketu in Aquarius, Venus & Mars & Moon in Pisces, Rahu in Leo, Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagitarius.
"In view of the fact that Venus was separting from a conjunction of Mars on the day he (Robert Gordon) had called to inquire about Marrie, the indications were that his sweetheart Marrie, would be separated farther from him rather than come closer to him at this time." THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR by W.D. GANN. Taking this cue, Nandi checked the conjunction period of Venus and Mars and found that it was during the period when Nifty was at its highest ie. 9119. Venus and Mars had their conjunction on 22nd February 2015 and moved away thereafter and the difference was around five degrees on 4th March 2015 when Nifty peaked. Last Venus Mars conjuction was on 3rd November, 2015 and Nifty had an upmove from 7540(8-9-15) to 8336(26-10-15) and back to 7551(14-12-15). That's why positiveness indicated in January post itself and Nifty climbed 700 points from 26th December 2016. Venus and Mars will be closest (below five degrees) on 5th February 2017 and start moving away slowly. Further, pace of separation of Venus and Mars will increase from 5th March 2017, when Venus retrograde starts. So, be alert during this period and it's advisable to book some profit.

Note: Nandi's hand book is having the following observations of WD GANN a) Market will peak when Venus & Mars conjuncts in Leo or Pisces b) Market will crash when Saturn transits to 23 degrees 55 minutes in Sagitarius. It is noted that 4th March 2015 conjunction and current proximity is in Pisces and 3rd November, 2015 conjunciton was in Leo.

Planetary transits in March:15th Sun -> Pisces, 1st Mars -> Aries, 10th & 26th Mercury -> Pisces & Aries respectively. Juptiter goes retrograde from 6th February to 9th June and hence travel related problems(delay, cancellation, missing of flight/train etc) may happen. So, double check your travel plans before starting journey and keep a spare set of clothing in your hand bag to meet the emergency in case your luggage is not arrived in time. Venus also goes retrograde from 5th March to 15th April. It seems 2015 Nifty pattern (fractals) is going to repeat, Nifty peak near Mahashivratri and a decline thereafter.
The planetary positions given above are at the time of Sunrise in India(Kerala) and Moon's conjunction effect on markets may be seen in countries (Asia / Europe / US) where trading take places at the time of conjunction(10° - 0°). When the angular difference between the Moon and the planet at Sunrise is more than 5 degrees and/or conjunction occurs in Rasis(constellations) other than the Sun's Rasi, there may be a delay up to 24 hours in the conjunction effect according to their positions {Note: expect only eighty percent accuracy in assumptions based on Moon's conjunction with Mars(-), Venus(-) and Jupiter(+) as some other astro factors may also influence the market}. Conjunction dates can be had from the table above. Figures given in brackets are Rasi number(0 through 11 starting from Aries), Degrees and Minutes.


saini said...

Dear Sir,

I am following your posts since last five years. You have mentioned about your hand book. would you please elaborate on this. Can I have it.

Nandi said...

Dear Saini,
The hand book referred to is a small notebook of 4½ x 3 inches size which Nandi carries always to note down all improtant things related to market and his daily transactions. Since the source (the name of book in which GANN said it) was not known the hand book was referred. Sorry, the handbook cannot be parted with as it is purely personal.

amit said...

Where Nandi see nifty in March and when the crash should start.? 1929 it crashed when saturn was in sagittarius at 3 degree.
2008 it was in Leo(fire) at 16 degree retro.

I think its not only saturn degree rather other planet aspects and conjunction which will lead to crash. I have March and october as certain periods for crash to begin.

It would be helpful if you can highlight something on this.

Nandi said...

Dear Amit,
It's noted that in April and October each year Nifty will decline for a short period. Nandi attribute this for half yearly results of companies and rejig of investments by FIIs and Mutual Funds. If most of the results are over in March decline can start in March also. But, it cannot be termed as crash since decline will be 25 -35 %. By crash Nandi means 50 % and above with in three months. Don't know whether there is specific norms for these terms.

Saturn is a slow moving planet ( in Malayalam it is called Mandan also meaning sluggish) and takes around 30 years to complete one circle. So, it is not possible to get enough data to confirm the occurance after observing many times and in different circumstances. What is given in the post is the observation of WD GANN and it's to better to be aware of it. Since, Jupiter will be in Fire sign in leap years the crashes in 2000, 2004, 2008 etc can be associated with that. As you rightly said, the Nifty movement is the net result of many forces in the nature. That's why it is stated in the last paara of the post itself. And remember "learning never ends".

Best wishes to you

amit said...

I know saturn is a slow planet and have back tested the crash period minutely and it shows me the same either march or october. Though october looks more favorable as far as my research is concerned. March too can't be ruled out due to certain cycle getting completed.I didnt mean crctn here but full crash and the depression cycle to start. Looking at fundamental around the globe and other parameters 2017 is the certain year but not able to confidently say which month.

But yes if not march then surely october.

Nandi said...

Dear Amit,
Thanks for your comments and observations.

cahauhan m said...

thanks for sharing your knowledge, god bless u