Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nifty after Venus-Mars proximity (5th February 2017)


cahauhan m said...

vipani sangeetham sir, thanks for update, and its the showing effect of after Venus-Mars proximity??its start?? moon-jupiter conjunction dose not affect,
i have not much knowledge of planetary movement, i am trying to learn time movement,

Nandi said...

Dear Cahauhan,
Nandi is also a watcher now similar to you, since the effect is to be confirmed after observing many times to arrive at a judgement. So far, Nifty is moving as anticipated.
As the difference between Moon and Jupiter is more than 5 degrees at Sunrise on 15th, it will effect EU/US markets yesterday and Nifty today(read the last para minutely).

karthi Deivendran said...


On February 10th rsi was 72.8 and nifty at 8793.55. Now on 17th February rsi is 68.9 and Nifty at 8821.7 and closing above Agni.On my observation the uptrend will continue without major correction.give me your opinion.

Nandi said...

Dear Karthi,
No judgement or comments at this stage, just witnessing what is happening.

worldknowledge said...

This is interesting concept.. I'm new to it.. Let me know more.

Nandi said...

Hi Anilaji,
Go through the posts on 1st of every month and older posts whenever time permits. Wish you a Happy Sivarathri. Sambho Mahadeva