Friday, December 31, 2010

Wish You all a Happy & Profitable New Year


mynac said...

Wish You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year ...2011

Nandi said...

Wish you a very special Happy New Year 2011 Mynac. Wish a profitable year ahead.

Ilango said...


Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Best regards.


mk said...

wish you a very happy and prosperous new year

Nandi said...

Happy New Year to you Thiru Ilango, and MK.

@mk - gone through your blog and felt happy that you are also trying your best to help investors & traders on the same lines of Thiru Ilango and some other beautiful minds.

BALA said...

New year Pranams. Even though , I am against , celebrating the english new year, however no other go and I have to go along with the wind

May GOD gives you long life and service to mankind


Nandi said...

Dear Bala,
Don't see it as English or Malayalam New Year. Consider its importance with reference to Sun's position. Malayalam year (Vishu) starts when Sun moves to zero degree/Medam Rasi. At that time Sun will be over the head in Kerala. English year starts when Sun is at 255 degrees and it is just after Winter solace. As British Emperors ruled over many countries in the world, their calendar was adopted world over as a common calendar. Since the world has now shrink-ed to a global village a common calender for all cannot be avoided. So, January 1st celebration world over is fully justified.