Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nifty closes @5961 just above cntre of P(5952)

Today(1-12-10)Nifty opened at 5875 with a gain of 12 points, moved upwards steadily to 5971(Surya level was 5969)and closed at 5961 with a gain of 98 points. Nifty futures range was 5875 - 5991. As tomorrow's Surya level is at 6055 Nifty may move above 6000. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5862.


Sujatha said...

Sir, nifty closed just above "P" in that case is it advisable to "go for long" in such scenario??(am in short) hope 2morow i may "trap" :P cos of DOW, who knows, sometimes it will not reflect in our market and our technical parameters first.

You are so humble giving credit to the "almighty" :)

Om na ma shiva-ya.

PS : it;s diffcult for me to digest if it goes to 6055 :P :)

Nandi said...

Dear Sujatha,
As DOW's trading time is late by more than 4 hours of our trading time we can hold positions only based on our figures. In many times even European markets were misguiding us. Till we close they were seen up and after our closing they spooked. So, we can go by Agni level only. As Nifty is above Agni level it is not advisable to go short.
Since you are in short, exit it tomorrow with minor loss if possible. If you are mentally and financially strong you can exit with profit on a later date. In the present situation do not hold positions for next day.