Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nifty closes above 6000

Defying the general pattern of decline on full moon days, today(21-12-10) Nifty remained in positive zone and closed at 6001 with a gain of 54 points. Today's Nifty range was 5960 - 6007, where as Nifty futures range was 5971 - 6022. As today's closing is above the Agni level(5979)expect further up move tomorrow. Above 6072 Nifty may move to top of P(6154). Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5989.


xyz said...

Its Great to foll yr readings !!
Really impressed with yr knowlegde in astrology and the way u relate it to music ans stock market patterns
I expect a close below 5975 today

Nandi said...

Dear xyz,
Wonder how you got the clue that Nifty will be closing in red and at 5975. Yes, Nifty closed in red at 5984.

xyz said...

Dear sir
monday's high was 5975 ; In my opinion ysetderdays rally was not convincing since it left a gaped up and nevre fille dthe gap ; if it was really a bullish day yesterday it should have closed teh gap and then rallied ; No wonder it closed near Mondays high and also nearly tested your magical fig of 5956 ; tommo i expect a nice close below 5956 ;Nifty will struggle to give 3 closings abv 5970-80
I am looking forward to discussing astrology with you one day