Friday, July 16, 2010

Rupee symbol - India on Chinese path ?

Whether the symbol adopted for Indian Rupee contains a message that India wanted to be No.1 financial power bypassing China ? Look at the pictures below and decide. China is yet to adopt a symbol for its currency yuan.


BALA said...

Whether it fortell that India will become a communist country from the present capital oriented??

Nandi said...

Dear Bala,
China it self is not a pure communist country now. So, that question does not arise.

Sujatha said...


May be it's coincident..

But for me it's looking "Devanagari" hindi we can say and they have used the two top lines and finished.

@ Bala - India can't become communist country.. it has dead here just they (communist) are doing politics with the "skeleton" of communism.. May god bless India.