Monday, July 12, 2010

Paul – the octopus has done it again!

2010 FIFA world cup was concluded yesterday night in Johannesburg with a spectacular closing ceremony. Spain emerged as the soccer world champion last night beating the ‘men in orange’ 1-0. Both the teams played extremely well, and they didn’t score any goal in the 90 minutes of the game.

Spain managed to find a miraculous goal from Iniesta at the extreme end of the additional time and went to become the champions.

2010 FIFA world cup final was perfectly predicted by Paul, the octopus in Germany. Paul has correctly predicted the results of previous matches in this 2010 world cup tournament.

Things connected with number Eight (8) is present in nature everywhere, in ancient Indian scripts, and now in new age electronic equipments - base starts with 8 bits = 1 byte & numbers from 0 through 9 are displayed using an eight(8). The importance of number eight has been described in an earlier post titled "YADA YADA HI DHARMASYA" and it has been used to track the daily movements of Nifty. During the FIFA world cup concluded yesterday in Africa, an Octopus named Paul(in Germany) has become a celebrity . Octopuses have four pairs (ie. eight)of arms and its name comes from "Octo" which means eight.

There was a Solar Eclipse yesterday in Latin American countries at the same time when the World Cup final match was being held in Africa. And it may be a coincidence that all Latin American countries including Argentina and Brazil have been "eclipsed" in this tournament.

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