Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nifty back to Kaisiki Nishadam

On Wednesday (29-4-09) Nifty recovered all the loss made last day (due to swine flu scare) and closed at 3474. On 27th it was indicated that the closing of Nifty in Kaisiki Nishadam for two days continuously indicates strength and Nifty may move above 3500 again. Nifty crossing Kaisiki Nishadam and Kakali Nishadam means Nifty in Shadjam (3968) again. As already told on 14th April, the period up to 30th May 2009 will be crucial for the Indian market and it will decide which Shadjam it has to go namely 3968 or 1984 (3968 is double of 1984). As it stands now, the probability is for the first one. Any how, let us wait and see.


MINIFTY said...

Sir, I have been following your levels for the last 20 days. Please accept my congratulations. Your levels are very good.Is it possible for you to explain to me as to how you arrive(calculations) at Agni levels? My email id is Thank you

Nandi said...

Dear Minifty,
Earlier it was sent to many. But, considering the work involved and explaining thereafter it was stopped. Thanks for your comments.