Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nifty's upmove reversed on Tuesday

In the last post (08-11-08) Nandi had written that the up move of Nifty from Friday afternoon was unanticipated and hence the up move will be a very short one. It became true when Nifty reversed (Tuesday),continued its down trend and closed at 2848 on 12th November . 13th November 2008 is a Full moon day & happily our CHANDRAYAAN -1 is doing "pradikshana" (moving around)of CHANDRA and we are proud that we could do it successfully in our First attempt itself. Being a holiday due to Guru Nanak Jayanthi we escaped from today's fall; Asian markets are down around 5 percent. It is possible that we may also see a small downward move tomorrow.

During all these days Nandi was talking about Entry and Exit in cash segment only. Now it is felt that a buy in Call Option when Nifty emerges from Agni level and switching it to Put Option when Nifty plunges in to Agni level can also be tried. Be limit it to one or two lots(50 Nos) and choose it from the most active three Calls/Puts. That way we can make use of the down/up ward move in Nifty to gain some amount. Otherwise we are just waiting Nifty to emerge from Agni level after exiting all longs. Who are not familiar with F&O segment may please stay away from these Call/Put Options. Nandi considers Cash segment as School level, Options as Pre-university level and Futures as College level. One should not go to higher levels unless he understands the lower level thoroughly.

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