Saturday, November 15, 2008

India touches the feet of Chandra Bhagwan

Jawaharlal Nehru, the architect of modern India raised the flag of independent India in New Delhi on 15 August 1947. In his 119th birth day ie. 14th November,2008 Indian flag has been placed on the surface of moon by Chandrayaan -1. According to Nandi, India has touched the feet of Chandra Bhagwan for his blessings. Every object in the universe has spiritual body as well as physical body. Some people do not accept the existence of spiritual body and misses the essential part. Nandi observes the beneficial effects of Chandra on financial markets when he is near to Surya ie. a few days from Amavasi and the reversal of the same when he is away from Surya ie. on Purnachandra (full moon) day. Nandi believes that with the blessings of Chandra Bhagwan, India will fare better than other countries in the world in coming months.


Ganesan J said...


India's achievement is indeed laudable!

Your blog too is good and simple. i visit yours everyday just to get a glimse of what u r saying. by the way i would be grateful if you can put a legent on 'swarna', soma, surya & Agni' for what it stands for a given day. Thanks n regards,

J. Ganesan

Nandi said...

Dear Ganesan,
Happy to note that you are also very much interested in India's heritage and prosperity. SomaSuryaAgni lochanan is the name of Lord Shiva and Nandi took it to represent the Nifty High, Nifty Low, and Nifty turn around points worked out by Nandi. High, Low, Exit level are already given in brackets. Nandi chose 'Soma' for Nifty High, since upward movement in Nifty fills coolness in the minds of investors and traders. Swara represents the range in which Nifty closed on last day. It is taken from carnatic music scales which has been already posted by Nandi.

Ganesan J said...

Thank You very much Sir,