Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exceptional Friday

Nandi had earlier pointed out that generally on Fridays Nifty will move down wards and close in red; with two exceptions : 1. the first Friday that comes after F&O monthly settlements and 2. the Friday that comes after losses for last three/four days. Tomorrow the 21st November, 2008 comes under second category and hence Nandi hopes that there would be up move in Nifty. Let us see whether this time the hope fulfills or not.

By the way, it may be interesting to readers how Nandi had realised the above rule.
On Friday morning Nandi used to go to a temple in Trivandrum and pray to the powerful deity there. It was also observed that usually Nandi had lost money on Fridays. As there is no possibility that God will punish Nandi for trading in stock market, an analysis was done. Then it was found that Nandi always bought first and sold it later. Hence came the realisation of Friday general rule and later the exceptions.

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sharath said...

Excellent Sir. I was frankly predicting for a downmove of nifty, but hatsoff to your prediction's. Thnku again for your good work.