Sunday, July 13, 2008

Remember the beautiful moments on the beach?

You may be remembering the beautiful moments on the beach when you are a child or with your children. When waves recede you go along with it and when large waves come in retreat very fast to a safe place on the shore. You repeat this process many times and finally get wet and enjoy it. The more you interact with natural phenomena like waves the enjoyment derived out of it is bountiful. Also note that during the periods of full moon and no moon the strength of the waves will be more. This week we are having a full moon on Friday the 18th.

Now a days we are playing the same game with the market. One or two days up, and next day down or vice versa. If you are capable of playing the game, well and good. Otherwise you may enjoy it from out side; particularly considering the full moon on 18th and the Vote of Confidence on Central Government on 22nd. Confirmation levels Nandi had indicated for the up moves are Nifty closing above Sudha Rishabham (4233) and Chatusruti Rishabham (4465). It seems we have to wait for some more time to see it.

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