Sunday, July 27, 2008

Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya !!!

During the week prior to the last week, Nandi was keenly watching the movement of Nifty as it hovered around the bottom area of Shadjam bandwidth @ 3800. Then Nandi felt a soft and gentleOmwave moving in the air. It is neither an up move nor a down move; but just a horizontal one. That “au…m” filled up two gaps that puzlled Nandi’s mind after the creation of “Vipani Sangeetham”. To match with the Elliott’s wave pattern, Nandi had dropped “Om” from the traditional manthra which the Indian Rishi’s gave to the world. Another gap was that the left padam (foot) of Nataraj idol on which Nandi identified Elliott’s five waves, was parallel to the ground just before the start of the first wave “Na”. As this aspect is not apparent in the Nataraj idol (downloaded from the web) posted earlier in the site, Nandi is posting the Nataraj idol which he received from his fellow workers as a memento. Thus, we are having the same age old “Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya“ manthra here also. And a small horizontal zero’th wave is required to be added to the Elliott’s waves to make it match with the centuries old Nataraj idol. In this digital age starting with zero is the correct one also.

Coming back to the current market scenario, Nandi feels that Nifty should be in the Rishabham bandwidth itself ( above 4100) to retain this uptrend in tact. Otherwise, touching the recent low again becomes a possibility.

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