Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nifty down below the base level.

Nifty today not only touched the Shadjam level, but also passed through it swiftly to 3878 level. Therefore Nandi’s hope that the Nifty may cease it’s downward move at 3969 was not fulfilled. Nandi didn’t exit the longs yesterday at Agni level (4130) on the hope of bouncing and it became very damaging today. As the base level of 3969 didn’t hold good in this correction Nandi has to find out some other base level afresh after the downward movement is completed. If we consider the highest point of 6350 as Shadjam after Nishadam then Nifty’s downward movement may be ½ of that ie. 3175. This is just a possibility. May not be correct as of now. Till then Soma, Surya & Agni level will be given as usual. And also some material connected to Lord Shiva.

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