Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Market Movement is the orchestra of stocks

Why all the stocks are not moving up or down as Nifty? Nifty is an orchestra of 50 stocks. In an orchestra performance, majority of instruments involve and follow the main trend of the music. Other instruments will keep low. When the intensity of main trend slows down some of the instruments starts playing and gradually its intensity increases and oscillates in a definite pattern and the beauty of it is marvelous. In many situations Bansuri (Flute) or Violin is being used for this purpose. In our times Nandi is very fond of “Yanni” and his performance at the acropolis. In olden days Mozart and Beethoven were great. In vocal music Nandi likes Maharajapuram Santhanam. Nandi also likes to do active meditation on the tunes of “NATARAJ” created by Osho, the great master in our times. Each and every person carries from the earlier life some of the traits and our likes and dislikes are associated with it. We like music, art, person at first hearing or sight provided that matches with the patterns which we carries, or dislikes it. Hence it varies from person to person. Leave it – we are not discussing that here. We go back to music.

The Indian musical instruments fall into five categories: ghan (non-membranous percussion – Ghatam, Ghungharu, Jaltharang, Manjira etc), sushir (wind blown- Bansuri, Harmonium, Nadaswaram etc), tat (plucked stringed – Vina, Gottuvadyam, Santur, Sarod, Sitar, Fidle, Thanpuru etc), vitat (bowed stringed – Mayuri Vina, Sarangi, Violin etc.) and avanaddh (membranous percussion – Chenda, Maddal, Mridangam, Tabla). Similarly in stocks we have many categories such as Automobiles, Banks, Capital Goods, Cement, Engineering, Entertainment, FMCG, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Reality, Steel, Sugar, Telecom. As in an orchestra performance majority of stocks follow the main trend ie. move up and down along with Nifty. Movement of some other stocks are different and that is the beauty of it as in the music. On 20th June,2008 Hindustan Petroleum and ONGC belonged to that category. Nandi is not naming other stocks which moved up as it is not part of the Nifty. If all the stocks move in the same direction and with same ratio there won’t be any beauty in it. So the nature has its own timing for each instrument (or stock) to play with the pitch, intensity and quality assigned to it. Enjoy it.

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