Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ganesh Yanthra holds the key to EWT !!!

Given above is the ancient Ganesha Yanthra on which “Na Ma Shi Va Ya Pa Hi Ma” is marked. Market movement starts from Na at the bottom petal and moves in anti-clockwise direction and completes in eighth petal – positive up to the top petal and negative there after. Market is not moving in a straight line. It moves in waves like sound – up and down. Tip of the tongue also move like wise while chanting Na Ma Shi Va Ya Pa Hi Ma – up and down alternatively. Up petals are given green color and down orange. The opposite petals have the same colors and Shi and Hi comes exactly in the centre and in my first post I have mentioned the importance of these letters. In general it is a five plus three cycle; five up and three down. It is also a well known fact that market has eight year cycle; five up and three down.

The Elliott Wave Theory (EWT) has close resemblance with the above depiction - five up waves (1 through 5) and three ABC correction waves. And off course the Third wave will have more power & prominence than other waves and here in the depiction it is “Shi” and placed exactly in the middle. Also note that while producing the sound “Shi” you exert more power and the tip of the tongue is not obstructed.

Thus the Ganesh Yanthra holds the key to many important aspects of EWT and perhaps Lord Ganesha Himself created a thought like this while Nandi stood before Him at Pazhavangadi Temple, Trivandrum with his hands folded and sight fixed on the roof , where Ganesh Yanthra is carved.

Om Shri Maha Ganapathaye Namah.

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Very nice observation Bala sir

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