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In Malabar (northern part of Kerala) where Nandi's childhood days were spent, the Malayalam year (era) commences from Medam 1st ie. April 14 and we celebrate it as Vishu Festival with fire works and all. Seeing the Vishukkani also important through out Kerala and believed that it brings prosperity through out the year. Later Nandi found that the April 14th has special importance in the astronomy – the Sun transits from the South (Pisces constellation) to North (Aries constellation). During that period the night sky is clear and beautiful, days are bright and pleasant, birds fly and chirp with happiness. You may be wondering why Nandi is telling these things now where it has no relevance at all.

There is no doubt; Nandi thought that this may be the most appropriate day for the nature to start singing the song in which we are interested as investors/traders in the Indian share market. Hence Nandi took 14th April, 2007 as base and calculated the values based on the carnatic music scales which are given below.

Swara Swara known as Animal Frequency values Nifty Points

Sa Shadjam Peacock 1.000 3969

Ri-1 Sudha Rishabham Bull 1.067 4233

Ri-2 Chatusruti Rishabham Bull 1.125 4465

Ga-1Gandharam Goat 1.200 4762

Ga-2 Anthara Gandharam Goat 1.250 4961

Ma-1 Sudha Madhyamam Crounchem 1.333 5292

Ma-2 Prati Madhyamam Crounchem 1.422 5644

Pa Panchamam Kuil 1.500 5953

Dha-1 Sudha Daivatham Horse 1.600 6350

Dha-2 Chatusruti Daivatham Horse 1.688 6697

Ni -1 Kaisiki Nishadham Elephant 1.800 7144

Ni-2 Kakali Nishadham Elephant 1.875 7441

Sa Shadjam 2.000 7937

Here, Nifty points are arrived at by multiplying the base value (3969 –Average of high –low on 14th April) with frequency values. Everybody who follows Nifty will easily identify the most important points during 2007 -2008 ie. 6350 the maximum on 8th January 2008 and 4465 the bottom reached on 22nd January 2008 and 18th March 2008. Now the Nifty has gone below 4465 and moving around it. Nandi believes Nifty will reach 4233 within a few weeks and turn upwards to 7441. As animal related to 4233 also Bull we cannot say that Nifty is in bear phase unless we go below 4233 which Nandi don’t expect. Only time can tell whether Nandi is right or not. Friends, Nandi hopes a difference of a few points here and there you will ignore. Right ? Best Wishes.

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