Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nifty down by 251 points


saini said...

dear sir,

Would you please guide how to study about the NIFTY expected movement from your studies. Is there any write up for predicting the market behaviour depending upon the planet motion/sign changes.. I would like to request you to please guide me. I am also a banker and interested to study the astrological significations of the market from planetory movements.

stockscan said...

How is swarasthana decided ? Todays close is 8102 and average is 8108.
Should Nifty be in S1 since average is less than 8200 ?

Nandi said...

Dear Saini sir,
Nandi is not an astrolleger and hence not in a capacity to guide in this matter. Nandi is trying to observe things and checking whether any theory can be formulated on the conjunctions of Moon with other planets.

Dear Stockscan,
You are right, yesterday it was an ommission, it should have been S1. In some occassions Nandi is taking both the closing figure and the average to decide the swarasthana. If there is a difference of opinion, existing will continue.