Saturday, January 10, 2015

Adhar - cheating of poor continues !!!

On 16th October, 2013 the same matter was highlighted here and the UPA govt withdrew Adhar linked LPG pricing policy before general elections and comman man was saved from paying extra. Now, after the forming of BJP government and "ache din agaya" saying by new Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, shelved scheme is reintroduced and again LPG consuming poor common man is forced to pay extra (Rs.120.36 as shown above) from his meagre income. EPF pensioners are a suffering lot and this extra payment is more than 10% of the present minimum pension of Rs.1000. As already mentioned earlier, the delivery boys are also asking double amount since the price of LPG cylinder is doubled. It will be good for the people if the scheme is withdrawn totally. Or the central government should ensure that the common man is not thrown to more hard ships.

Further, the benefit of steep decline in crude oil prices from $115 (October,2013) to $50 has not been given to the poor man of India.

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Nandi said...

Today Mr.Pramodchandran, Vanchiyur,Tvm told that he had not received any subsidy credit to his bank account even after one month of delivery of LPG cylinder at the increased rate of Rs.892. Similar cases also may be there and there is no forum to complain about such incidents.