Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nifty closes in M1, but above Agni level

Today(2-2-11)Nifty opened at 5479 with a gain of 62 points, moved in the range 5416 - 5491 and closed at 5432 with a gain of 15 points, in M1(Sudha Madhyamam - High:5464, Centre:5286, Low:5123)- average today was 5453. Nifty futures range was 5422 - 5510 , having a difference of 88 points.

As Nifty closed in M1 today it is bound to touch the centre of M1(5286). But, it may take a few days due to the fact Nifty is above the Agni level(5332) and an upward move is pending. Tomorrow in addition to a no-moon day, Moon conjuncts with Mars and net effect will be a highly volatile day.

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