Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amavasi (no-Moon day) breaks the trend again

Today(3-2-11)Nifty opened at 5418 with a loss of 14 points, between 9.50 to 11.00 surged to 5518, moved in the narrow range 5497 - 5528 thereafter and closed at 5527 with a gain of 95 points, in M2. Today's rise is equal to the fall on 28-1-11. Nifty futures range was 5425 - 5546, having a difference of 121 points. Thus, again on Amavasi(no-Moon day)Nifty reverses its trend started on the last Amavasi ie. 4th January 2011. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5394 and Nifty may move to centre of M2(5642)in coming days.


vijay said...

sir i would like to ask you that every consecutive amavasi the trend reverses,because from 4th jan2011 onwards nifty moved down till yesterday and today i.e., 3rd feb due to amavasi it reversed.shall i take in to consideration that for next amavasi onwards nifty starts its downward movement till then it is up from today onwards

please clarify sir

Nandi said...

Dear Vijay,
It's not that much simple. Last Amavasi was special due to the fact that it was the first Solar Eclipse of the year though it was not visible in India. It was observed that trend of market changes on Amavasi/Pournami day. That's why it came to the notice. Market mood changes due to many factors, Amavasi/Pournami is one of the factors. One Vijay Baroda posted markets moon related findings in vfmdirect forum two years ago(he had a blog also).
Nandi's observation is a continuation of that effort.

VK said...

Our market movement is not in tune with global markets/natural phenomenon as the political atmosphere is heated up in India and out of sync with the realities of the world. (Full Moon or No Moon, our political bosses deposit everything in Swiss banks). Obviously, FIIs are hedged, long in West, short in Asian markets.