Thursday, October 28, 2010

Repetition of last years October series settlement

Today(28-10-10)Nifty was highly volatile after 2.00 p.m. and lost more than 100 points before closing. Nifty high and low were 6071 & 5968 (for details see chart). Nifty October futures range was 6084 -> 5976 where as November futures range was 6123 -> 6040 having a titanic premium of 86 points, which was not seen before. Tomorrow being an exceptional Friday(Friday following F&O settlement)an upward move of 50 to 100 points expected. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 6029.

Similar to yesterday's charts, last years settlement day (29th October,2009)chart and today's chart are given below. One and half hours end game (compared with chess) was almost similar with difference in magnitude only. Do post your comments on it.

Nifty chart dated 29th October, 2009

Chart dated 28th October,2010 (


saini said...

dear sir, it is really amazing to see such type of similarity in nifty behaviour. i am a regular visitor of your site and i really appreciate your efforts and prediction style for stock market. However, I would like to make you a request that kindly arrange to post the significance of various OCCURANCES like FULL MOON DAY, EXCEPTIONAL FRIDAY and other similar occurances cited by your esteemed self. it will be a great help in understanding and anticipating the nifty behaviour.hope to listen from you soon.


Nandi said...

So far only one comment and that also does not indicate any probable reasons for such happenings. Is it mere coincidence ?
Google search will give answers to all your questions. Many times it was repeated and hence no further need for it. Being an Exceptional Friday, yesterday it self you saw an up move of 100 points from 5937 to 6033 as said in the post.

POTTER said...

Pattern may be looking same but both charts if seen price wise OHLC there great difference :D

saini said...

dear sir, can you please give me the date of the post, where I can find all the terms used by your kindself. Hope you will oblige.

Warm Regards,