Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fractals in nature

The above picture shows a leaf stem structure from the mother nature. Leaves of same pattern(shapes)with different sizes. These are generally called fractals. Peacock feathers are also example of a fractal. Last post regarding the formation of same pattern in Nifty last year and this year can be viewed as part of nature as it is created by thousands of traders. Size difference or difference in values of two charts are just natural as in the leaves shown above. A search on "fractals in nature" will give you more details. W.D.Gann uses octave to explain these type of value differences. In music also octave concept is being used ie. higher audible frequencies are always a multiple of basic frequencies from 256 to 512.

On Friday(29-10-10)Nifty moved exactly as anticipated. Nifty range was 5937 ( Soma level : 5937) to 6033 (Agni level : 6029). Exceptional Friday effect was 96 points from 5937 to 6033. Nifty futures range was 5966 - 6066, having a difference of exactly 100 points. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5984 and probably it will be a buy.


Sujatha said...


Very nice observation,correlation
especially with music :) so accurate with TA too

Finally October gave some kind of "downside" but shoot up.


Nandi said...

Good, Sujatha. Happy to know that you continue to follow. Why not tell what you feel about the patterns repetition ? Hoped to sum up every body's opinion. But, it didn't happen. Perhaps, it came as a surprise to many.