Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nifty closes at 5000

Today(9-6-10)Nifty opened at 4995 with a gain of 8 points, moved in the range 4980 - 5051 and closed at 5000 (around opening level)with a gain of 13 points. Nifty future (50) had a freak transaction at the opening at 5053.10 (today's high)when Nifty spot was just at 4995, a premium of 58 points. Hence Mini Nifty (20)future figures were shown in the chart. Mini Nifty features range was 4955 - 5045, where as Nifty futures low was at 4953. Interestingly, at the closing time Nifty futures discount reduced to 2 points from the yesterday's 29 points. Tomorrow's Agni level has reduced to 5017, and it is likely that Nifty may move up for a couple of days, once Nifty moves above Agni level.

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