Sunday, May 20, 2018

Revamping of Indian Election System needed

Karnataka drama part I over, Part II begins tomorrow. But, the voters becomes scape goats among rumors of horse-trading of MLAs.

During the recent Karnataka state elections 38% voted to Congress 36% to BJP and 18% to JDS. Due do the anomalies in the existing election system Congress gets 78 seats, BJP 104 and JDS 37. In this siuation nobody is clear about the mandate of the voters. Taking the advantage BJP man becomes the Chief Minister, unable to show majority in the assembly forced to resign just after 55 hours. Now, Congress and JDS who fought against each other joins together and JDS man is going to be the next Chief Minister on Wednesday. Verily, this is also not the mandate of the voters of Karnataka. Undoubtably, similar happenings in Bhihar, Goa,Nagaland and Manipur were created the wrong precedents.

Root cause of all these unworthy happenings is the formation of coalition governments. A political party with a crystal clear ideology and programmes alone can provide a purposeful government. Coalition is just an adjustment to share political power (now a days money power also) and dilution of ideologies. Once election is over MPs/MLAs forgets they are just representatives of people and becomes masters and feels they can do whatever they want. This situation is to be corrected immediately.

The political parties who receives 50% and above votes alone need be allowed to form a governmnt. For this purpose voters may be required to cast a Second Vote which will be counted only if no party gets a clear mandate by receiving 50% and above first votes. Second vote should be given to a differrent party so that there won't be any duplication. No government should be formed by coalition of parties.

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