Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wish you all a Merry Christmas


karthi Deivendran said...


How can I use swarasthana: S2(O450)
in my trade.

Nandi said...

Sorry Karthi, as of now we cannot trade based on swarasthana alone. Swarasthana indicates the position where Nifty standing on that day as shown in the table posted at the end of each month. Friday Nifty touched the centre of S2 and bounced back. If goes below that level it will reach N1 range. Earlier it was observed that Nifty moves swifty in Ni-Sa-Ri range. Tharanga NiSaRi is the name of music school of our renowned singer Dr.K.J. Yesudas.

atain said...

Wish Nandiji and all best of 2017.