Friday, October 14, 2016

Nifty one year chart

The parameters used in this chart are 4DMA, 10EMA and 64DMA. Observe the importance of 64DMA in the NIfty chart shown above. 64 is the perimeter of a square having side 16 and it's area is 256 ie. base frequency of Carnatic music scale.


karthi Deivendran said...

Dear NANDIJI, some years ago you give us the moon and sun levels that may be the high and low levels of the trading day. Why you are not giving now. Will you tell me how to calculate it. Thankyou

Nandi said...

Dear Karthi,
You are saying Soma & Surya part of "Soma Surya Agni" lochana (Lord Shiva). That was discontinued since Nandi is not having that much time to work it out. The method of calculation is like this ( based on todays levels)
Surya(derived from call open position) Soma(derived from put open position)
1 8500 x open interest 1 8500 x open interest
2 8600 x open interest 2 8400 x open interest
3 8700 x open interest 3 8300 x open interest
4 8800 x open interest 4 8200 x open interest

Then divided the sum of the multiplied value with sum of open interest

karthi Deivendran said...

Thankyou Nandhiji