Friday, April 29, 2016

Nifty during April 2016


Atharva said...

Dear Nandiji,


Would like to know your trades based on AGNI 4SMA and 10 EMA.

ON 28th April at the time of market opening 4SMA was @ 7924 and AGNI @ 7927. One should wait till end of the day to reverse the trend BASED ON 4SMA or it should be once price drops below 4 SMA. or treat AGNI no as trigger

Kindly let me know whenever time permits

Best Regards,

Nandi said...

Dear Atharva,
It seems you are asking about positional (not intra-day) trade. Give first preference to EMA10 and take position when ever Nifty crosses it (do not wait till the end of the day)provided AGNI level also supports it. If AGNI and EMA10 differs wait for a clear picture. Further, take note of the daily RSI and await opportunity to go short or long when ever Nifty RSI is above 70 or below 30 respectively.

After the increase of lotsize to 75 new retail investors are advised to totally avoid trading in Nifty futures.


Nandi said...

Dear Atharva,
What's RSI indicate? You can get the technical details of it on googling. But, for Nandi it's the percentage of buyers in the market at a given time. Cent percent buyer or seller (seller and buyer combined is 100%) is not at all practical, since there must be some one to sell for any body to buy. So, whenever buyer increases to 85-95% market slows down and early buyer turns seller and market corrects. Similarly when buyer is less than 5-15% early seller turns buyer and market moves up. So, take advantage on both of these occasions by watching RSI. That's why it is given in chart above.

With best wishes